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Flea Market Finds: May

2 Jun
Lots of sunshine and lots of great pickin'!

Lots of sunshine and lots of great pickin’!

May is one of the best months to visit the Nashville flea market…there are tons of vendors and the weather is usually good. All of the sheds were full…no matter what you like to search for, it was definitely at the flea this month. IMG_1964 I’m a fan of vintage Pyrex, and I was impressed with these advertising pieces we came across in Wilson Hall. A vendor brought them from Huntsville. IMG_1961 Also check out that huge set of Akro Agate children’s dishes…you know I loved it! IMG_1962 Aren’t those amazing? I have never run across vintage store display pieces for Pyrex. The Mister wanted me to buy them for the booth but the price was very high for cardboard signage. They would be a beautiful accent to the display of a serious collector, though! I’m pretty much a very casual hobby collector where Pyrex is concerned but I love a good display of vintage Pyrex. And you can find one of the best in town in Shed 5–The Mule Barn. IMG_1974 Sharon Smith is the owner of Dish-N-That and specializes in Pyrex and coordinated glassware sets. She’s at the flea market most months (I think she may skip January/February) with an amazing display of Pyrex. Sharon is the lady to talk to if you are looking for a hard-to-find piece in the more popular collector colors of vintage Pyrex. Her prices are similar to what you will find in local antique stores but she only stocks pieces in really nice shape. I love to see what she brings, and it’s always beautifully displayed according to color. IMG_1968IMG_1966 Definitely swing by Shed 5 when you are at the flea…great stuff! IMG_1973 This gorgeous pink 1950’s era outfit would have coordinated well with all the pink Pyrex I found, but as usual, it was too tiny in the waist for me. I did bring home a few treasures, including this jadite perfume bottle.

The shakers are in the photo to give perspective so you will have an idea of the size of the perfume bottle...

The shakers are in the photo to give perspective so you will have an idea of the size of the perfume bottle…

Isn’t this cute? I had never found one before although I had seen them photographed in a jadite collector’s guide. So, it had to come home with me! IMG_1955 Never a lack of “cool stuff” at the flea…I’ll be back next month! What about you…are you finding great flea market or estate sale deals now that the season is in full swing? Tell me about your favorite find in the comments. I’d love to hear about what you are collecting.
Mrs. T

Flea Market Finds: April

26 Apr

The Nashville Flea Market swings into high gear this month…warmer temperatures and sunshine mean the return of lots of vendors, which means more great vintage stuff! I stopped by on Friday morning to try to beat the rainy weather…but it turned out to be nice all weekend.  There is nothing I like better than wandering around the fairgrounds and searching through tables of old junk, hunting for just the right thing.

Bring your cart! (Or buy a cart there....)

Bring your cart! (Or buy a cart there….)

So…what ended up in my little red cart this month? I actually hate hauling a cart because it’s so cumbersome but I always buy so much that it’s become a necessity.IMG_1861 This was a great month. I found a fantastic pink metal child’s stove, PINK Pyrex bowls, a nice length of barkcloth (only $5!), a chalkware fish and bubbles, a green train case in great condition, a small red and white striped Hazel Atlas bowl, aqua bowl dated 1956,  yellow Pyrex fridgie, a planter in the shape of a guy playing the accordion, green fridge dish with glass lid, tiny pink swan planter and a cashew tin.

There are so many great vendors each month but Mister and I are always impressed with the vintage clothes and accessories that Susan Moon of Hang the Moon consignment (located at the flea in the Wilson building) brings.

Hang the Moon Consignment...cute stuff!

Hang the Moon Consignment…cute stuff!

Susan offers an eclectic blend of on-trend vintage…everything from shoes to 1950’s dresses to jewelry. She’s going to be a vendor at the Nashville Boogie next week (I can’t wait!) so if you missed her this weekend, you can shop there.

Hang the Moon Consignment

Hang the Moon Consignment

Susan Moon, me, and an awesome dress that is slightly too tiny for my waist...too bad I'm not built like a 1950's girl!

Susan Moon, me, and an awesome dress that is slightly too tiny for my waist…too bad I’m not built like a 1950’s girl!

Hang the Moon...such cute stuff!

Hang the Moon…such cute stuff!

The Nashville Flea Market is open on the third weekend of the month. There are vendors from over 30 states…so you never know what will be there!

How about you…are you a flea market shopper? If so, what’s your favorite flea market find? (I have so many, I’m not sure I could choose!)
Happy treasure hunting!
Mrs. T

Flea Market Finds: November

24 Nov

The Mister and I went to the flea market on Friday…it’s been a really, really long time since I went on Friday, and hey guess what? That’s totally the day to go because it is not crowded–at all!–and all the best stuff is there. Huh. It had been so long that I had totally forgotten all about that. But, I have Fridays off now, and starting in 2015, I will have all the days off because I am leaving my day job and returning to being a mom/wife/antique booth nerd on a full-time basis. Very excited about that stuff. Anyway, the flea market…


So, the Mister’s jadeite quest continues…we only ended up with this restaurant ware cup and saucer because it was kind of a puny month for jadeite, otherwise he totally would have bought more. The cup has a pretty shape, doesn’t it?


I got two pairs of early 1950’s pajamas, one satin and one rayon, and this beautiful aqua silk and lace gown from favorite vendor…$10 each. They are deadstock, with original paper size tags attached. Never washed, never worn. The dealer pulled them out of an attic in their original gift boxes. I have since washed and ironed them and all three are beautiful…and my size. So, these are not headed to the booth…I’m going to keep and wear them. See why Friday is the day to go to the flea??  The lace on the gown and one set of pajamas is very high quality and all of the fabrics are very nice. These may be pre-1950s, especially the gown and satin pajamas; I’ve seen a similar pajama set dated to the 1940’s on a vintage clothing site but I’m just not the most knowledgeable about vintage clothing so I’m not sure.

Before I had my booth or did a lot of shopping at flea markets and estate sales, I would wonder how people found “the good stuff”–really nice vintage in great condition, at great prices. And I really think that they answer is that you have to get out there, a lot, and you have to spend a good amount of time going through piles and racks and booths and asking questions. It never hurts to be friendly to a flea market vendor and it’s always good to tell them what you are looking for–they may start sourcing it just for you.


This Pyrex cutie IS headed to the booth…the light shining through it makes it look a bit worn but it is actually in very nice shape. Oh, Pyrex. I still like Pyrex but in the last three years the prices have risen steadily and the availability has decreased as more and more people have started collecting.  I don’t necessarily like charging the prices I’m currently charging for it in the booth, but because I’m paying more than ever, I’m charging more than ever. Pyrex still has the most narrow margin of anything I sell.


Pyrex aside, I’m buying a few fun things to put away for a future spring/Easter booth update…I love basket purses and this little cutie with the plastic flowers is adorably 1960’s. The tiny flower pot is McCoy.

The November flea market is one of my favorites…did you get a chance to go this month? What did you get? If you aren’t local, I hope you are finding fun things in your area.

Flea Market Update: March

24 Mar

Reluctant helper is reluctant. (The other one is not pictured because she was practicing her “mad face” and refused to be in the photo.)
Doesn’t my son look full of JOY and HAPPINESS to be included in a flea market adventure? Sigh. Unfortunately for them, flea market weekend never seems to fall on the weekends that they are with their dad. They consider this to be an injustice of the highest order and/or a violation of their constitutional rights. So, even though it was a pretty good flea market with lots of great stuff AND some pretty good Sunday deals to be had due to the terrible, terrible flea market weather (cold, rain, mist, mud, yuck), I just came away with this.
It’s not usual for me to find deals on Pyrex at the flea. There’s always Pyrex to be had, but usually the dealers who stock it are knowledgeable about their prices and unwilling to come down too much to leave me a profit margin. If I buy it at the flea, it’s because a dealer who has a mishmash of stuff has a couple of pieces they are willing to unload pretty cheap, or in the case of the Early American, because they think the pieces are more unpopular than they actually are (I believe in you, Early American. And I am not the only one!). And a rainy Sunday usually means people are ready to deal rather than pack up a bunch of stuff.

The bowl with the little red Dutch scene isn’t Pyrex, but it was SO sweet that I could not resist. Such a cute pattern, and my favorite red and white. I always love the verde green Pyrex and the blue bowl is from the classic 4-color primary set–I collect strays and make up sets and so I always buy them when I find them for a good price. The orange mixing bowl is from a 4-color set, as well, but the other bowls are harder to find and so I will likely sell it as a single. And the Early American fridgies are too darn cute…they show the cutest part of the pattern–the corn, cat and coffee grinder. Love!

This week, we are meeting the project manager for our house renovation and so hopefully that will be good…I am very ready to move forward with seeing it become move-in-ready! Here in Nashville it is supposed to be snowy and rainy this week…stay warm, whether you are here or elsewhere! xoxo, LaurenT