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Flea Market Finds: May

2 Jun
Lots of sunshine and lots of great pickin'!

Lots of sunshine and lots of great pickin’!

May is one of the best months to visit the Nashville flea market…there are tons of vendors and the weather is usually good. All of the sheds were full…no matter what you like to search for, it was definitely at the flea this month. IMG_1964 I’m a fan of vintage Pyrex, and I was impressed with these advertising pieces we came across in Wilson Hall. A vendor brought them from Huntsville. IMG_1961 Also check out that huge set of Akro Agate children’s dishes…you know I loved it! IMG_1962 Aren’t those amazing? I have never run across vintage store display pieces for Pyrex. The Mister wanted me to buy them for the booth but the price was very high for cardboard signage. They would be a beautiful accent to the display of a serious collector, though! I’m pretty much a very casual hobby collector where Pyrex is concerned but I love a good display of vintage Pyrex. And you can find one of the best in town in Shed 5–The Mule Barn. IMG_1974 Sharon Smith is the owner of Dish-N-That and specializes in Pyrex and coordinated glassware sets. She’s at the flea market most months (I think she may skip January/February) with an amazing display of Pyrex. Sharon is the lady to talk to if you are looking for a hard-to-find piece in the more popular collector colors of vintage Pyrex. Her prices are similar to what you will find in local antique stores but she only stocks pieces in really nice shape. I love to see what she brings, and it’s always beautifully displayed according to color. IMG_1968IMG_1966 Definitely swing by Shed 5 when you are at the flea…great stuff! IMG_1973 This gorgeous pink 1950’s era outfit would have coordinated well with all the pink Pyrex I found, but as usual, it was too tiny in the waist for me. I did bring home a few treasures, including this jadite perfume bottle.

The shakers are in the photo to give perspective so you will have an idea of the size of the perfume bottle...

The shakers are in the photo to give perspective so you will have an idea of the size of the perfume bottle…

Isn’t this cute? I had never found one before although I had seen them photographed in a jadite collector’s guide. So, it had to come home with me! IMG_1955 Never a lack of “cool stuff” at the flea…I’ll be back next month! What about you…are you finding great flea market or estate sale deals now that the season is in full swing? Tell me about your favorite find in the comments. I’d love to hear about what you are collecting.
Mrs. T

Just a quick hello…

12 Feb

IMG_1678 Hi there! How is it we are already halfway through February? I had the Mister take this photo to show off the paper edging (with cactuses!) that I added to my jadite cabinet…it’s a flea market find, along with the $8 cashmere sweater I’m wearing.
IMG_1671 The Mister took this fun panoramic shot of my booth…we’ve been filling it up–I’m excited about the white Hoosier cabinet we found. You guys know I’ve wanted a Hoosier cabinet forever.
IMG_1672 We went antiquing in Franklin last weekend. I love to see what other dealers put together in their booths. It was so pretty and sunny…I’m ready for spring! Is it spring yet?


Mrs. T

Jadite Delivered to Your Door?

3 Feb

A couple of years ago, I came across a jadite grease jar with what I thought was the wrong lid. It looked like this: IMG_1635At the time, I thought that the original Fire-King grease jar lid, featuring little tulips, had been lost and some resourceful person had found a spare to fit from a cottage cheese jar of the same size. This is what the tulip lid looks like: IMG_1660I went ahead and sold the jar with the cottage cheese lid in the booth. Later, I read that jadite was occasionally used in dairy promotions…specifically to sell cottage cheese. Here’s a photo from one of the jadite collector’s guide by Joe Keller & David Ross: IMG_1659 It’s not the same dish; that promo featured a chili bowl, but it got me thinking…why not a grease jar…which is actually a better size for cottage cheese? At any rate, I had no way of knowing whether or not it was a cottage cheese promotional jar or the wrong lid on a regular grease jar…and the jar was sold anyway, so I quit thinking about it.

Until last week! When lo and behold, I found another one, you guys! So, it can’t be a coincidence…this was a promotion by Nashville Pure Milk Company in which cottage cheese was sold in jadite grease jars. I’m definitely keeping this one. I wonder if I will come across any more? Be on the lookout, Nashville friends…

Another interesting thing…the Mister was helping me at the Glencliff sale and he picked out this a tiny cookbook. (That is, after he nabbed all the jadite at this sale because you really don’t come between The Mister and the jadite. He has pointy elbows and he will use them.)  I opened it today when I was prepping some things to put in the booth and a little card fell out. Look at this…IMG_1655 And here is the front of the card: IMG_1656 The cookbook, published in 1954, was a promotional Christmas gift from their milkman at Nashville Pure Milk Co. Can you imagine getting jadite jars of cottage cheese delivered to your door?? Sign me up for that!! Also, this milkman has better penmanship than pretty much everyone I know, including me.

So, a fun little mystery was solved, and I feel like a got a peek into life in that little Glencliff cottage, where a nice milkman brought fancy jars of cottage cheese and free cookbooks at Christmas. Those were the days!


Mrs. T

December Flea Market Finds

20 Dec


Me and my little elves (well, one is 15, so he’s not so little…) are just about ready for Christmas. No matter how old the kids get, they always seem to want to make sugar cookies with me. My red dinette table is the perfect surface for rolling out cookie dough.


It makes the Mister nervous when I use my Jeanette measuring cups, but I can’t resist. What’s the fun of having them if you never use them?

It was flea market weekend and I made a quick pass through on Friday. Not a lot of vendors brave the cold weather, but I picked up a treasure or two…


I was thrilled to find this glittery lucite box purse from the 1950’s…one vendor had it labeled as a jewelry box and it held a few pitiful bits of old sewing thread and buttons (what?? Sad!). These lucite handbags are kind of fragile, but so pretty and are very collectable. This one is already in the booth…it would be a great gift for a vintage glamour girl.


I also found this really cool promotional measuring cup/drinking glass…it would have been a giveaway at Frigidaire dealers to advertise the new colors of their appliances. Turquoise and Mayfair pink? Yes, please!


I’ve got several new cookbooks in…the Betty Crocker Parties for Children is from 1964 and the graphics and colors are so cute. I always try to keep a lot of Betty Crocker and Better Homes & Gardens…if you don’t have a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook with the red gingham cover, you need one…it’s a classic!


I also picked up this really nice red and white nesting bowl set. It’s vintage, but doesn’t have a mark so I’m not sure who makes it. Please leave me a note in the comments if you can give me a clue? Maybe Fire King? I’m not sure.


Here’s today’s result of yet another hair tutorial I found on Pinterest and thought I would try. Like most things on Pinterest, the hairdo tutorials always seem easy as pie when the person doing it is demonstrating it, but it’s not quite that simple when it’s you staring down a set of hot rollers.

And, that’s what’s new around here! Hope you are having a good weekend…Christmas will be here before we know it. I wish this month would slow down a little.


Mrs. T

What’s new…

1 Sep

The Mister has been promoted to Head Picker lately, due to how busy I have been with my current job. He found all of this aqua Pyrex a week or two ago…he was first in line and was 100% ready to throw an elbow or two (although I don’t think he needed to!). Good, right? The Santa Claus is from the flea market. We found 4 of these over several months last year and sold all of them, so Santa will be headed to the booth in a few months when I put out my holiday stuff.008 I still love aqua! Isn’t that little creamer too cute? I love creamers, although we don’t generally have occasion to set out a coffee service. (I wish my life were fancy like that…maybe someday!) These days, I use my Jane Ray jadite creamer as a mini-milk pitcher for my little girl to use on her cereal in the mornings.001 This way, I can set her cereal out for her on the table and her cereal doesn’t get soggy while she dilly-dallies on her way to breakfast. The creamer is just the right size for her little hands and she loves to pour her milk herself. And yes, we mix Fiestaware and Jadite around here.  I’m just not a matching-set-of-dishes sort of person…all the Fiestaware is in orange, aqua, red and yellow, and then I have light green Jane Ray. Dishes are my weakness…if I had the storage, I would have so many sets.

Around the house, the Mister and I finally completed all the painting and hanging of window treatments, and now we’ve moved on to decorating. We’ll definitely have some pictures in the works now that our walls are normal, neutral colors and not varying shades of magenta, purple and spackle. So, happy Labor Day weekend to you…I am now thankfully off work for two days! xoxo, LaurenT

Booth Update

15 Jul

While I have been on vacation, I’ve managed to pick up a few things as we travelled. We went to a yard sale, a flea market and the Mister’s mom and sister had been doing a little volunteer Pyrex hunting for me.

New York loot!

New York loot!

I’m a big fan of the 1950’s poodle toaster cover and the two ceramic squirrels (sorry, taxidermy fans, these are the only squirrels I’ve run across in months) and the little refrigerator jar, which is labeled “Refrigerator Jar”, in case you were thinking that it was some sort of all-purpose jar, which NO. It is Refrigerator Jar!

Did you notice the aqua butterprint Cinderella bowls? The Mister’s sister found those for me; didn’t she do good? I’ve got a reasonable amount of Pyrex in the booth, but Pyrex fans…I’ve got to say that I’m going to get pretty darned picky about what I buy from now on, and I’ll be sticking to popular patterns like the Butterprint. The fact is, Pyrex is enjoying a nice spurt of popularity but TONS of other dealers, including many who never before stocked Pyrex, are filling their booths with it. It’s just not as hard to find as it used to be about 5 years ago when I started collecting refrigerator boxes. The estate sale companies tend to set their prices off of what they find on Ebay, and so estate sale finds are often pricey and leave me little profit margin. My actual favorite pattern is the Early American, but that’s a pretty terrible seller even though the graphics are downright charming and so era-appropriate. So, you can still find a lot of Pyrex in the booth right now–and you can ALWAYS count on me to stock primary nesting bowl sets!–but I will definitely be dialing it down on some of the less popular patterns and over time, carrying less overall. Aside from Pyrex, what I hope to be carrying more of are bowls like the Fire-King large Tulip nesting bowl you see here, and more Jadite, and I will always be on the lookout for sort of weird or kitschy home accessories, like the apple-shaped grease jar pictured here.

As always, if you see anything you need/want, my booth is located in Gas Lamp Too Antique and Decorating mall in Nashville, TN. I love it when people stop by, so please do! xoxo, LaurenT

Flea Market Update

25 May

006 Is there anything better than a sunny, 73 degree spring day at the flea market? No, no there is not. Unless you are 13, and out of school for the summer, and your mother drags you there to help her shop for her booth. For the at-leisure teenaged boy, “flea market” is synonymous with “terrible” or “only slightly more fun than mowing the lawn.”

Worst. Time. Ever.

Worst. Time. Ever.

But, we did find a few things. I don’t buy much for the booth at the flea unless it is a straight-up great deal. Which means that I don’t buy much, at all. 007 Check that Pyrex casserole…I’ve never seen that pattern in aqua but it’s pretty cute and if you collect the Butterprint pattern, it will coordinate beautifully.010
The little jadite vase is perfect for a kitchen windowsill (mine, specifically, but I’m putting it in the booth at great personal sacrifice). And the lamp fits one of the shades that I found when I bought a bunch of them at a sale this past fall…slowly, I’m finding the perfect lamps for each shade. The tin Kracker Kan (patented in 1949) is just like the one that is on the kitchen shelf in the kitchen of Don Draper’s latest mistress, Sylvia, on Mad Men. I am OBSESSED with the kitchens on Mad Men. The set dressers on that show do an amazing job. Any time a scene is shot in Betty Draper/Frances kitchen, I am not watching the action at all; I am totally checking out the vintage kitchen stuff. Anyway, the Kracker Kan is an innovation because you unscrew the glass knob on the lid and bake it in the oven. When the interior crystals turn blue, take it out, let it cool and put it back in the lid. The blue crystals absorb any moisture in the pretzels or chips that you store in the can and keeps them crispy. When the crystals turn pink, it is time to re-bake the glass knob to turn them blue again and re-activate them. I have not tried it but it is a pretty innovative idea. Type Kracker Kan into Ebay to see a selection of the various patterns and sizes.

The Nashville Flea Market is definitely back in full swing, and if you don’t go regularly and want to give it a shot, now is the time! Summer is the season for lots of good thrifting/vintage bargain-hunting opportunities and I hope that you are finding some great stuff. Best, LaurenT xoxo

Busy Tuesday

14 May

Look how straight those shelves are!

Look how straight those shelves are!

Here’s what I accomplished in the new booth today. I had a large, framed linen tablecloth featuring the state of Texas in this spot and it sold within a few days, leaving me a large hole. I don’t carry much artwork in my booth; I tend to pick up framed embroidered samplers, chalkware wall hangings and vintage clocks but all of these are sort of small and hard to use to fill up a large section wall. So, I broke down and went to Home Depot and bought and installed shelves today. They give me a lot more display space on that wall and I was glad I did. I’m having more fun with this booth than my last…this location is much more well-lit and the traffic is better.


I also put up some fun chalkware poodles; I know I have a reader or two who love poodles so I thought I’d share. These are from Flea Land in Bowling Green.

I am so glad that it is finally warm and sunny; today my daughter and I went to the 12S Farmer’s Market to get our CSA basket. It’s super fun and there are lots of vendors and food trucks. If you haven’t been, you should totally go! xoxo, LaurenT

Monday Update

13 May

It’s been awhile since I got a new Enid Collins bag, right?

Ooh La La!

Ooh La La!

WELL. Just look at this beauty, will ya? It’s a Pavan 3, dated 1965 with the “ec” stamp. Every gem is intact and the white leather is completely perfect and uncracked. Not only does this bag appear to be unused, it has been stored perfectly since 1965. It’s absolutely minty-mint condition, and was my birthday present from a very thoughtful and eagle-eyed friend who spotted it at…a church basement sale in PA. Where apparently she got a steal of a deal! Thanks, Rebecca…it’s amazing and all my favorite colors, too. I have never seen another EC bag of such early vintage with such elaborate gemwork in this kind of great shape. It’s really awesome! And did you notice the sunglasses?



My highly-paid assistant agreed to model them for y’all. These are the most epic sunglasses I have ever seen in real life. For true. The glitter is sort of floating in the plastic frames and the gold and rhinestone flowers on the corners? Epic, and from a lovely house in Belle Meade. I want to keep them but they are a little narrow for my big fat face. So you will find them in the booth soon.

Strawberry elves! Jadite! Strawberry elves!

Strawberry elves! Jadite! Strawberry elves!

Of course, I have been hitting the estate sales. I ended up hanging out in the rain for almost 2 hours for this stuff, which was probably not worth it but estate sale-ing is not for sissies, yo. My favorite thing is the weird strawberry planters, which are wall pockets with little pixies or elves on the fronts. What I didn’t bring home from this Belle Meade sale was a cream-and-green Hoosier cabinet from the beautiful (but in bad shape) 1930’s era kitchen. It is amazing to me how many estate sale homes I have been in that haven’t done much to update their lovely, old kitchens. This particular kitchen has the prettiest blue and white floor tile with a Greek key border, and a door separating it from the dining room with an awesome round window.  The new owner likely won’t keep it, of course, but nothing warms my heart like a time-warp kitchen. As for my own kitchen project, we’ve just sent the old cabinet doors off for refinishing and a few new drawers are being re-faced. Hopefully I will have some fairly dramatic progress shots for you before too long! xoxo, LaurenT

Old Lady

29 Apr

Hi y’all.
I know it has been a little bit quiet on the blog lately, but house renovations, my son’s tennis matches and keeping up with estate sales have kept me busy. Also, the Mister threw me a surprise birthday weekend for my 40th birthday. Some of my dearest friends came in to town from Florida, New Jersey, Indianapolis, Virginia and North Carolina. It was the best birthday present, ever. The Mister really knocked it out of the park!

Having said that, the Mister just walked by, noticed I was writing a blog post and said, “‘Bout time you were blogging, you’ve been slacking!” Why was I talking nice about him again?? That guy…

So, I got the greatest surprise party, ever, AND the Mister’s sweet mother sent me a lovely card and sweet gift. And my kids picked out very nice cards for me, which I loved, and they addressed them to “Mommy” rather than “Hey, can I have something to eat?”, which is how they usually address me, and I appreciated that very much.

And…my parents spoiled me flat rotten. They read my blog and heard about the green stove that I could not have. Mother did not think that I should take the loss of that stove lying down (which I was not going to do; I was going to stand around and complain loudly to anyone who would listen). And so she said that she would bankroll me if I made those people an offer. Well, I was down with that, but it turns out that the configuration of my kitchen is such that if I put in a 40″ wide stove, there is NO ROOM for a dishwasher. Which, if you know me, you will know that this is peachy because I hand-wash all my dishes since so many of them are vintage and a dishwasher just ruins the finish on old dishes. Have I ever told you not to put Pyrex in the dishwasher? Don’t do that.

So, theoretically I am fine with no dishwasher because then the house will look more like it is authentic to the time it was built. I think that sounds great, actually. Because now my kitchen will be more period-correct and I am getting closer to my childhood dream of living in a museum diorama! (And by childhood dream, I mean that is still kind of my dream right now, it is just slightly more shameful to admit.) Except if we ever try to sell this house? No dishwasher might be a deal-breaker. Because most people love their Pyrex-ruining, water-wasting machines and most people also have no desire to pretend that they are living in 1934 (Seriously, what the heck?).

But in the end, there is only one option that I can put in a 30″ opening which is also jadite green, which I’ve decided is the color that I cannot live without.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn’t she lovely?

Well, I could have chosen this one.



But the high back (and the fact that a red version appears on a TV show called “Bitchin’ Kitchen”, and I do not approve of TV shows that use the word “bitchin” in the title because that is just tacky) made it unappealing. Also, this one looks like it needs to be next to a carboard cut-out of James Dean and maybe a car with pink fins.

So…I’m getting my awesome green stove. And yes, I know that it is ridiculous for a grown woman to get such a nice gift from her parents for her birthday, but both the Mister and I have been blessed with parents who are pretty off-the-hook, generosity-wise. I am not sure why or how we got so lucky, but it is true that we did, and we are grateful.

So…thank you to the Mister, and to my mother-in-law Shirley and to my Mother and Daddy who have tried hard to make me feel special for 40 years. My kitchen is going to be epic. xoxo, LaurenT