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The Nashville Boogie: Recap

7 May
It's a postcard! It's a record! It's a record/postcard!

It’s a postcard! It’s a record! It’s a record/postcard!

Hey ho…so, last weekend, Nashville was host to a real, live rockabilly weekender-type event at Gaylord Opryland Resort. The Nashville Boogie kicked off it’s first year in style, and the Mister and I were excited to go. Well, I was mostly in it for the shopping and people-watching, and the Mister was in it because he is pleased anytime his wife wants to voluntarily leave the house and do something social. (I am kind of a hermit, it’s true. At least compared to the Mister, who is a huge extrovert.)

We skipped the Thursday pre-party, but on Friday we arrived in time to have dinner at the Jack Daniels restaurant at the resort (it was meh–FYI, their hot chicken is not the same as actual hot chicken. Go to Prince’s for real Nashville hot chicken.) and hit the vendor booths before watching the Frantic Rockers and later, Big Sandy, perform. IMG_1876I carried one of my favorite Enid Collins bags, and wore a custom NudeeDudee shirt made from vintage fabric. It was fun to dress to the western theme of the event! The vendor area was nice and spacious and there were no crowds to fight on Friday, so I had a great time shopping. I ended up with two vintage cardigans and a pair of denim cigarette pants from Billie Jo Retro.IMG_1877I ran into Ashley of Lisa Fremont Street blog and YouTube fame…she looked gorgeous (as usual!) in a beautiful green Whirling Turban dress.  She created some special Boogie-inspired hairstyling tutorials in honor of the event, which you can find on her You Tube channel here.  I’m hairstyling-challenged, but Ashley is a talented lady who makes it look easy!

photo credit: Sabrosa Vintage

photo credit: Sabrosa Vintage

Local vendors included Sabrosa Vintage, an awesome collection of curated ladies and men’s clothing and accessories by a former co-worker of mine from the estate sale business. This booth looked great! Hang the Moon vintage consignment had a really nice-looking booth, as well. There was really good representation by local folks…Closet Case Vintage and Katy K designs were there, as well. After the vendor booths, we watched the music but I didn’t take any pictures.
So, here is what I wore on Saturday. We went to the car show in the afternoon…there were lots of really great cars to see–it was an indoor event and the car show area was packed with vehicles from TN car clubs and beyond. IMG_1887Here’s the Mister goofing around by a vintage police car, pretending he’s being arrested.IMG_1894The hood ornament on this shiny green car was beautiful. IMG_1895 My outfit is another NudeeDudee custom…the boots are my mother’s from the 1960’s, and the tooled leather belt and handbag are vintage from the flea market.
IMG_1891 While the Mister and I were trying to find the outdoor portion of the car show, we ran into Dollie DeVille…I’m a longtime fan of her blog, The Rockabilly Socialite. She was just lovely, and very gracious to let me snap a photo with her. I’m usually very reticent to approach people who are well-known, but I promised myself that if I ran into her, I would be brave. Mission accomplished!
IMG_1889 The fashion show was next on our agenda…local designer/bartender Riley Reed put together a really nice event featuring a really beautiful assortment of western wear. Here is another local gal, boutique owner/singer Tanya Montana Coe modeling a beautiful dress by Manuel. This photo isn’t the best but if you look under #nashvilleboogie on Instagram, you will find lots of great shots of all of the fashion show outfits. IMG_1890 My poor old IPhone camera did not do this event justice, so do go to Instagram…the clothes were spectacular. IMG_1892Next up was the Pin-Up Beauty Pageant, and here I am with the winner, Miss Britty Leigh. She did a great job and was super-cute. I hope she enjoys her title and has fun with it!
IMG_1898I changed into this vintage repro dress for dinner…my handbag is another Enid Collins. IMG_1897We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in one of the beautiful atrium areas at the resort. The food was average but the atmosphere was great…in my opinion, this is an excellent venue for the Nashville Boogie–and it can accommodate the growth that it will hopefully have in years to come!

All in all, I was very impressed with the promotional work that was done for the event, and the event organization and staffing…it was very well-done. Kudos to Muddy Rootsfor a great event…we will see you next year!

Mrs. T

What’s new around here….

19 Nov


Hi y’all! This is me on a recent trip to my favorite state (Texas!), when I loaded up all my children and my parents and my aunt and then the Mister drove us, Griswold-vacation-style out into the country for an hour in a rented mini-van to go shop for Enid Collins bags. Sorry, family! You do know that when I tell you we’re going someplace super-fun, I mean the antique mall.


In other news, the Mister has developed a take-no-prisoners attitude toward the jadeite lately. It has started to offend him that there is jadeite that does not belong to me. Whenever we pass a piece by, he’s like, “But WHY? WHY don’t you want that piece??” I sure did want these jadeite refrigerator dishes, though. They are the only fridge dishes that I think are too nice to use! I’m conflicted…I want to use them but what if I break one?


Case in point, the Mister just interrupted my typing to show me a photo of the jadeite-green toilets in the Hermitage hotel here in Nashville. “Look! They have jadeite toilets!!” he says, brandishing the phone. I hope they are bolted down, or the Mister will be trying to make a deal on them. He means business, that guy. This set is so cute. The lid on the salt shaker is a bit worn but everything else looks great.


I actually have some jadeite in the booth to sell right now, including these sweet Jane Ray cups and saucers. Did any of you spot the jadeite and Pyrex in the recent HBO movie, “Olive Kitteridge”? The movie wasn’t that good but I do enjoy it when I spot some of my favorite vintage kitchenware on film.


I’m also getting into the Christmas spirit in the booth…this cute Santa has the year 1955 written on the back. I pulled him out of an estate in Belle Meade…I love that someone thought to write the date down when they got him.

I’m going to try to post a bit more frequently…it seems hard to start again now that I’m out of the habit, but I still enjoy vintage treasures and sharing them with you.


Mrs. T

Oh hai there

6 Dec

There are things going on…it just seems like there are TOO many for me to sit down and write a blog post about them. I do have a flea market treasure or two to share with you, though. And this wreath–I made this! I found a couple of bags of ornaments at a sale last spring and figured that I would give this project a try…turns out I needed a ton more ornaments that I first projected. Retro Renovation.com has instructions if you want to make one, but I just kind of winged it. christmaswreath So…from the flea market, we have this. Do you know what it is? 001 Well, yes, it’s a Double Cola bottle…but it’s the stopper that makes it a laundry sprinkler! I’ve heard of these things but I’ve never found one for cheap. Apparently in the days before you had a steam setting on your iron, you would sprinkle your clothes with water prior to ironing to create that nice, crisp finish. The stoppers were made to fit any old soda bottle. This is a 16-oz bottle…I’ve seen several old ads advertising this size of bottle as “family-sized.” It’s a far cry from our modern-day 32oz Big Gulp, which is a drink for just one person. I bought it to put in the booth but probably I will have to try it on my own laundry first.
003 I also found this super-cute Enid Collins “EC” bag at the flea. Very nice condition; all gems attached…I like these darker-colored ones for fall/winter. This will head to the booth.
005 This sign is courtesy of the wheeling/dealing skills of the Mister. That guy has zero shame in his bargaining game…we got this in a house that smelled SO strongly of cat pee that I’m not sure how the estate sale setting team dealt with it. Whew! Stinky house. Cute sign, though (it doesn’t stink, don’t worry). It’s headed to the booth, as well. As for the booth, we had our biggest month ever in November…and now I need to be back to the sales to keep it going. Fortunately for me, the slower estate sale season means fewer hours in my regular job so I can hit a few sales. Hope you are having a happy holiday season! xoxo, Mrs. T

Monday Update

13 May

It’s been awhile since I got a new Enid Collins bag, right?

Ooh La La!

Ooh La La!

WELL. Just look at this beauty, will ya? It’s a Pavan 3, dated 1965 with the “ec” stamp. Every gem is intact and the white leather is completely perfect and uncracked. Not only does this bag appear to be unused, it has been stored perfectly since 1965. It’s absolutely minty-mint condition, and was my birthday present from a very thoughtful and eagle-eyed friend who spotted it at…a church basement sale in PA. Where apparently she got a steal of a deal! Thanks, Rebecca…it’s amazing and all my favorite colors, too. I have never seen another EC bag of such early vintage with such elaborate gemwork in this kind of great shape. It’s really awesome! And did you notice the sunglasses?



My highly-paid assistant agreed to model them for y’all. These are the most epic sunglasses I have ever seen in real life. For true. The glitter is sort of floating in the plastic frames and the gold and rhinestone flowers on the corners? Epic, and from a lovely house in Belle Meade. I want to keep them but they are a little narrow for my big fat face. So you will find them in the booth soon.

Strawberry elves! Jadite! Strawberry elves!

Strawberry elves! Jadite! Strawberry elves!

Of course, I have been hitting the estate sales. I ended up hanging out in the rain for almost 2 hours for this stuff, which was probably not worth it but estate sale-ing is not for sissies, yo. My favorite thing is the weird strawberry planters, which are wall pockets with little pixies or elves on the fronts. What I didn’t bring home from this Belle Meade sale was a cream-and-green Hoosier cabinet from the beautiful (but in bad shape) 1930’s era kitchen. It is amazing to me how many estate sale homes I have been in that haven’t done much to update their lovely, old kitchens. This particular kitchen has the prettiest blue and white floor tile with a Greek key border, and a door separating it from the dining room with an awesome round window.  The new owner likely won’t keep it, of course, but nothing warms my heart like a time-warp kitchen. As for my own kitchen project, we’ve just sent the old cabinet doors off for refinishing and a few new drawers are being re-faced. Hopefully I will have some fairly dramatic progress shots for you before too long! xoxo, LaurenT

House update and a new Enid

29 Jan

So, we made an offer on the house with the cool vintage stove and knotty pine kitchen. Unfortunately, the owners weren’t willing to come down very much with their counter offer, and so we had to take a pass. The Mister is very determined that we find a “deal”, and this wasn’t a deal. Too bad, so sad, as they say. I hope that whomever ends up with the kitchen doesn’t tear it right out. (But I doubt it.)

However, every closed door means that another opportunity is out there, and we found a house that the Mister has told me that I am not to get Too Excited About.

One thing that you should know about me is that my favorite style of house is a 1930’s Tudor cottage with the peaked roof and the arched doorway. Whenever we pass them in the car, my head whips right around to look at them. I have favorite cottages (several on Woodmont) that I love to drive by and stare at. To me, they look like Mary Englebreit illustrations. But I honestly never hung any hopes on finding one because other people tend to find them equally charming and so they are usually ‘spensive. Which is why this house qualifies as Too Exciting., because it is a foreclosure (therefore expensive but not CRAZY expensive). So, we have made an offer–which does not at all mean that we will get it, because our offer is not the only offer.

It has many awesome features–hardwoods throughout, a two-car detached garage, a formal dining room AND a breakfast room, a newish roof and a basement that seems relatively mold-free. Importantly for me, it has the original kitchen cabinets and they are delightful. (DELIGHTFUL, I say.)

However, the bathrooms are not at all delightful and are, in fact, a total loss (one bathroom has the same shower window problem as Rae’s bathroom–wooden window IN the shower!). The kitchen and breakfast room tile will need replacing and the upstairs will need to be reconfigured to accommodate a master suite with a reasonable bathroom. Which means that I can have these things done exactly the way that I want them.

Having rehabbed one previous home and built one custom home, I don’t find this rehab project particularly daunting, especially because we should be able to get it done before our lease is up on our current rental in June. Of course, everything could go wrong. But people rehab things ALL THE TIME, and it usually ends up fine. In the end. Eventually. It’s probably good that the Mister thinks I’m cute, though. I hope that he will remember that when he’s showering under a garden hose in the yard because we have no working bathroom. (Note to Mark: This totally won’t happen! I’m pretty sure! Don’t divorce me!)

So, if our offer is accepted (and another offer has been made so there is no guarantee, at all!) we will need to get a contractor started on it on March 1. If you know of any reputable contractors who do kitchens and floors in Nashville, I would be so grateful for your recommendations–please pass them along! If we don’t end up getting this house, we will likely need a contractor eventually, so thanks in advance for anyone you can recommend.

In other news, I found several things at the flea market–we went Saturday with the kids, which means a quick run-thru because they have little patience for thrifting in the cold.
Amend that; they have little patience for thrifting AT ALL. But they are cute, so I keep ’em around.
It’s an Enid Collins Fruit Basket in reasonable shape for a reasonable price. I’m low on darker colored Enid bags to use in the fall and winter, so this one definitely fills a gap. The leather on it is fantastic, but it’s lacking a few gems. Not a tough fix.

So, that’s what’s new around here…we have some more houses to look at and I’ve got to get some new stuff in the booth–more Pyrex, the glass set and huge fork and spoon in a previous post and some other fun stuff. Please send me your contractor recommendations if you have any–I would love the help! xoxo, LaurenT

Everybody goes to the Porter Flea

2 Dec

A couple of times a year, there’s a super-hip craft festival at Marathon Motor Works in Nashville called the Porter Flea. If you are from Nashville, you are reading this and thinking, well, duh.  Because you were there. Because everyone goes. I had never been, but after everyone local blogged about the last flea and how much they liked it, I started following it on Facebook and even considered applying to be a vendor.  There were a couple of vintage booths and I think that there could be more to balance out all of the screenprinting and stationary booths.

porterflea (2)

There was a huge line for the Flea, and we almost turned around and left. But the Mister agreed to check out Antique Archaology with me first–it is in the Marathon building, and we had never been before.

porterflea3 (2)

A lot of bloggers do “outfit posts”….what I am wearing is pretty typical of my everyday uniform. Jeans, cami, cardi, scarf, Enid bag.  Sometimes I wear skinny jeans and tall boots, but the sweater/scarf is pretty much standard. I would love to be a creative dresser but I’m pretty conservative. Plus, becoming self-employed sort of killed my clothing budget.

porterflea4 (2)

It turns out Mike Wolf was in the store yesterday! I get very nervous when I have the opportunity to meet famous people, which in Nashville happens all the time. That isn’t bragging or exaggeration, and I don’t seek them out. They are just EVERYWHERE.  We went to a show at 3rd and Lindsley two weeks ago to go to a Time Jumpers show and there were Vince Gill and Amy Grant. And Ranger Doug. All this celebrity-encountering is a little stressful if you are simultaneously fascinated by celebrities and completely terrified to actually say hi. Mike Wolf was very nice, though, and exactly how he is on TV.  Antique Archaology is full of stuff from Mike’s personal collection and merchandise (t-shirts, koozies, etc.) that promote the TV show, but it seemed a little light on antiques for sale.  Still, it is very cool and if you are visiting Nashville, you should go. Bang Candy is right next door and has coffee and other stuff so it is worth the trip.


The flea was super-crowded and we didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to go, and it would be a great place to take Apron Strings Vintage if I ever want to try my hand at a craft fair, and if I were accepted as a vendor (I suspect that competition is fierce!). We didn’t stay long because we’d spent hours that morning at a Silver Lace auction in Clarksville, where I came away with a single primary-colored Pyrex bowl set and a few tins (for which I paid too much, of course). Hope your weekend has been good! xoxo, LaurenT


New Enid for fall!

28 Sep

Old lady handbag alert! Meet the very most mint condition Collins of TX bag I have ever laid my eyes on, courtesy of Ebay and a seller in El Mirage, AZ. It looks like it has NEVER been carried and the colors are neutral enough to go with most anything. It seriously looks like I just pulled it off the shelf of a 1960/70’s-era Neiman Marcus store (where the bags were originally sold!). I made a lowball offer, thinking that the seller wouldn’t accept, but was pleased that she did. Not one jewel is missing, not one stain…and the handles are natural leather so they don’t have any cracks. That is my pet peeve about the handles on my white bags; the white leather tends to crack due to the age.

I had quit carrying my summer Enid bags after Labor Day because I still observe the no-white-shoes/handbags past that date rule. But now I can gleefully resume carrying an inappropriately glitzy old lady handbag to my usual haunts, and by that I mean school pick-up, Kroger and estate sales.  This is actually a Collins of TX bag, which means that it dates to the time after Enid sold the company to the Tandy corp., but I like it as well as the earlier bags. I’m not a very discerning collector, I guess.

This seriously needs to be the last Enid-style bag I buy for a long time…but I confess that there is a wooden box bag at another booth at my antique mall (Gas Lamp Too) that is taunting me. I can generally ignore temptation on the Ebay (most of the time) but it’s harder when I have to walk by an Enid bag–that I don’t own! And could own!–every time I want to go to my booth.  So, we’ll see if I hold out long enough for someone to snap it up.

Have a great weekend! xoxo, Lauren T.

Me & Enid Collins

16 Jul

ImageI have three Enid Collins bags, but this one is my favorite and the one I’ve found myself carrying a lot this summer. I got my first bag when I was in third grade, from my Granny, who was from Texas (of course!).  It was one of the small box bags and Gran had filled it full of sewing scraps, lace and thread. I had a mini-Singer sewing machine and was trying to learn to sew at the time, so this was a killer gift. I had no idea that the bag would one day be collectable and eventually ruined the lid by spilling nail polish remover on it…it was too bad, it was in perfect shape before that! I was surprised as an adult to see people younger than myself start collecting them, but their funky charm and glittery “more-is-more” Texas aesthetic is undeniably fun.

They go for decent prices on Etsy and Ebay but I’ve done pretty well when I find them in person, so I’m always on the watch.  I do use my bags rather than keep them on a shelf, and I was glad to find a Tandy leather store in town because the handles on this one will eventually need to be replaced. I’m okay with that; I think they are meant to be used and enjoyed.

The Mister and I are off to Atlanta tomorrow…I’m hoping to do my usual Thursday estate sale-ing in the State of GA on the way home. I think it will be a fun change of pace and hope to bring back some great stuff.  Not too much longer until the Gas Lamp II is ready to load in; I know that I’m not the only vendor who is ready to go!