Swapping/Selling Pyrex, Nashville-style…

25 Oct


This weekend in Edwin Warner Park, the first-ever Nashville Pyrex swap was held, and a fun time was had by all. Organizer Kristina West put together a great event and it was really enjoyable to meet a lot of fellow vintage dishware nerds. Kristina is the admin for the Tennessee Pyrex Buy and Sell page…it’s a closed group but if you do a search on Facebook it’s not hard to find, and if you’re a local person who is interested in Pyrex, I encourage you to join up. There may be another event in the spring, and you definitely won’t want to miss it. There were some amazing door prizes, and we all got cute little pins that say “Nashville Pyrex Swap”. Not to mention that I had never seen so much Pyrex in one place at one time, well…ever!


This was my first experience with a swap/show. I had heard about them in other states from people on Instagram, and it sounded like fun, so when the Mister ran across Kristina’s Craigslist posting advertising the show–which was FREE to attend, AND there was no vendor fee?? Well…that’s enough to get even a confirmed hermit like me to pack up my Pyrex and head for Edwin Warner Park. Which I had never been to even though it’s not all that far from my neighborhood, because of the aforementioned hermit issue and also I’m indoorsy. Turns out Edwin Warner Park is lovely!


Look at all these delightful people I met! Everyone was very knowledgeable about Pyrex, and I learned a LOT from chatting with them. Even Fred Miller, a featured contributor to the Hot for Pyrex Rare Guide was there with some really cool pieces.

IMG_2359It takes awhile to set up for a show like this, but dealer Amanda is a total pro…look at all this Pyrex, you guys! And it was the good stuff, too.


The Mister insisted that this super-cute lady who admitted to reading my blog get in a photo with me (which turned out blurry, sorry!). She was very nice and humored him. I really love meeting people who read the blog, so if you ever see me out and about, please don’t think, “Nah, she’ll think it’s weird for a total stranger to say hi.”  I mean, I might think that you are weird…but weird people are totally my favorite kind, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will be very happy to meet you.


Another nice lady brought her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with her to shop. My very favorite kind of dog! (I have two of them.) Yet another lady made the best chocolate chip cookies I have had in a long time. So, I got to chat about glassware, eat cookies and pet somebody’s adorable dog. I even sold a few things…AND bought a few things.


Here is a close-up of my Pyrex necklace…it’s from an Instagram seller who puts them up occasionally….you can find her on Instagram at @pixiesvintage. Several people asked me about it, and of course I couldn’t think of the name of the seller on the spot, so I thought I would mention it here.


Thanks again Kristina and everyone who showed up and helped make it a fun time!


Mrs. T


One Response to “Swapping/Selling Pyrex, Nashville-style…”

  1. puzzleblume October 27, 2015 at 8:14 am #

    Love this very special necklace. transporting such emotional nostalgic messages.

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