Betty Draper’s Vintage Kitchen

22 Apr

Whenever there’s a kitchen scene in a movie or TV show that is depicting the 1930’s-1970’s…I watch carefully to see what items the set dresser(s) selected. I’m a huge fan of the AMC show “Mad Men”, and any time there is a scene set in a kitchen, I’ve practically got my nose pressed to the TV screen to take in all the details. This week’s episode, “Forecast”, set in 1972, featured several scenes in Betty Draper’s kitchen, which is a great set…it’s a 1930’s kitchen that has gradually been updated over the years to include 1950’s/early ’60’s-era pink appliances, so it’s an eclectic mix. bettykitchenNote the yellow Cosco kitchen stool in the background…I have one just like it!

If you are a Pyrex fan or collector, did you spot the Pyrex in this episode? IMG_1820When Betty briefly opens the refrigerator, you will catch a glimpse of a few Pyrex refrigerator dishes in the “Butterprint” pattern, which was manufactured from 1957-1968.  So, if you are a Butterprint collector, you might have the exact same set that Betty Draper uses! This is a set that I have that are supposed to go up for sale in my booth. And they will. Someday. When I can bear to part with them…

Krispy Kan!

Krispy Kan!

Also, you might have noticed a green version of this tin cracker canister in Betty’s kitchen? This is a Krispy Kan, notable for the glass knob full of blue crystals which was designed to remove moisture from the items in the canister. When it turned white, you can re-activate it’s moisture-removing properties by briefly baking the knob in the oven and then screwing it back on the lid. This is actually the second Krispy Kan they’ve used in a Mad Men kitchen–there was a yellow one in Sylvia’s NYC apartment kitchen. Krispy Kans are relatively easy to find and come in several colors including red, turquoise and yellow…I like the cute cracker flowers!

There’s actually an exhibit of a different “Mad Men” kitchen set–Betty’s 1950/60’s era kitchen from the Ossining , NY house set at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC going on now through June 14, 2015. The photos I have seen look amazing.

What about you…do you keep an eye out for any particular sort of collectible in movies or TV? Are you a “Mad Men” fan? Just a few episodes left in the series!


Mrs. T


3 Responses to “Betty Draper’s Vintage Kitchen”

  1. lisa April 22, 2015 at 1:13 am #

    I don’t watch Mad Men, but I do pay attention to items and the decor in old movies.

  2. CAM April 22, 2015 at 1:32 am #

    We had a Krispy Kan!!! Memories!!!

  3. Lisa P April 22, 2015 at 3:28 pm #

    I watch for knitting! And then search Ravelry for patterns inspired by what I’ve seen.

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