Flea Market Haul: March

29 Mar

Hi there! Flea market season starts picking up in Nashville in March…this month had several return vendors and lots of good stuff. Thankfully we are finally having a bit of spring weather…it has been a cold and snowy winter here.

IMG_1768I’ve gotten a few good things this weekend. Here is my haul from today…IMG_1770The Mister spotted the four “Ranger Joe” Hazel Atlas children’s mugs…he had seen Frank Fritz buy one of these little mugs on the television show American Pickers a few months ago and tried to get it for me as a surprise, but apparently they could not locate it to sell it to him. He was so pleased to find them…and he paid exactly what Frank paid! The tin is a coffee tin…I liked the horse decal.  The sampler is from the twenties–I will frame it and put it in the booth. The yellow clock was a bit of a gamble. I love vintage clocks and I always try to stock a few in the booth, but this one was black with dirt when I found it in a jumble of stuff. After scrubbing it for 45 minutes with Barkeeper’s Friend cleanser and a toothbrush, this is how it looks! So cute, right? It works great.

IMG_1764And this is my haul from Friday…two nice barkcloth curtain panels, a great cake cover, two really cute glasses with holiday graphics, a cookbook, a gardening book and the sweet pink McCoy flower pot. So, not a ton of stuff, but I was happy with what we ended up with.

I know that I am a bit slow to update this blog, but if you’d like to follow what I’m up to on a more day-to-day basis, my Instagram link is in the sidebar…it is faster and easier for me to share little bits of what’s going on around here in that way.
Happy spring!
Mrs. T



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