Jadite Delivered to Your Door?

3 Feb

A couple of years ago, I came across a jadite grease jar with what I thought was the wrong lid. It looked like this: IMG_1635At the time, I thought that the original Fire-King grease jar lid, featuring little tulips, had been lost and some resourceful person had found a spare to fit from a cottage cheese jar of the same size. This is what the tulip lid looks like: IMG_1660I went ahead and sold the jar with the cottage cheese lid in the booth. Later, I read that jadite was occasionally used in dairy promotions…specifically to sell cottage cheese. Here’s a photo from one of the jadite collector’s guide by Joe Keller & David Ross: IMG_1659 It’s not the same dish; that promo featured a chili bowl, but it got me thinking…why not a grease jar…which is actually a better size for cottage cheese? At any rate, I had no way of knowing whether or not it was a cottage cheese promotional jar or the wrong lid on a regular grease jar…and the jar was sold anyway, so I quit thinking about it.

Until last week! When lo and behold, I found another one, you guys! So, it can’t be a coincidence…this was a promotion by Nashville Pure Milk Company in which cottage cheese was sold in jadite grease jars. I’m definitely keeping this one. I wonder if I will come across any more? Be on the lookout, Nashville friends…

Another interesting thing…the Mister was helping me at the Glencliff sale and he picked out this a tiny cookbook. (That is, after he nabbed all the jadite at this sale because you really don’t come between The Mister and the jadite. He has pointy elbows and he will use them.)  I opened it today when I was prepping some things to put in the booth and a little card fell out. Look at this…IMG_1655 And here is the front of the card: IMG_1656 The cookbook, published in 1954, was a promotional Christmas gift from their milkman at Nashville Pure Milk Co. Can you imagine getting jadite jars of cottage cheese delivered to your door?? Sign me up for that!! Also, this milkman has better penmanship than pretty much everyone I know, including me.

So, a fun little mystery was solved, and I feel like a got a peek into life in that little Glencliff cottage, where a nice milkman brought fancy jars of cottage cheese and free cookbooks at Christmas. Those were the days!


Mrs. T


2 Responses to “Jadite Delivered to Your Door?”

  1. Denise June 4, 2016 at 12:24 am #

    I found a grease jar with seabalt lid last month at an action just south of Nashville. I thought it was the wrong lid also until I found this post.

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