East Nashville Adventure

23 Dec


On Sunday, the Mister and I struck out for East Nashville for lunch and shopping. East Nashville is the hip neighborhood that gets all the press these days, and rightly so because there is a lot of great stuff happening there. I typically don’t get out there unless there is an estate sale because ugh, driving! And there is so much in my own neighborhood of Green Hills that I don’t really leave that often. Every time I see one of those tiny little old ladies who only drive their car (very cautiously) to go to the Green Hills Kroger on Senior Day, it’s like looking into my future.  The Mister took this picture of me in Haulin’ Oats, which is my friend’s store. She makes organic oatmeal in great flavors, and her store is decorated beautifully for the holidays.


We also went to the Hip Zipper, where the Mister got a sweater and I found a scarf. Vintage clothing stores are hit and miss with me. If I buy vintage clothing, it’s generally from the flea market or an estate sale. They do a nice job here, though. By the way, the dress I am wearing is from Tatyana, and my sweater is vintage…it’s one my Granny bought herself in the 1950’s.


We also got coffee at Barista Parlor, which was delicious. The Mister can go approximately 3 hours without coffee and then it becomes a problem. Barista Parlor is so ridiculously hip that it’s almost a parody of a hipster coffee shop. It’s Pinewood Social-level hip. I love their logo with the anchor on this cup. Why an anchor? It’s cute, though.

I’ve got to finish up getting ready for Christmas today, I guess…it’s almost here!


Mrs. T


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