It’s beginning to look at lot like…

30 Nov


First Christmas sweater of the year time! This one is from the flea market…an embroidered 1950’s era cardigan with pearl buttons for $20 that is in great shape. I bought it in the spring so it’s my first chance to wear it. And yes, I do have kind of a lot of eye wrinkles for a 41-year-old person. That’s what happens when you are of English descent but grow up in Arizona.IMG_1282 This was my Thanksgiving centerpiece…roses were $4 for a half dozen at Trader Joe’s and the pretty vase is a flea market special…part of my green pottery collection. Tablecloth was from a Belle Meade area estate sale and was $7.IMG_1277

This is our dining room table all set for Thanksgiving dinner…the china is Spode Jewel from Mother, the silver is from the Mister’s grandma and we put up the tree so that our Thanksgiving company could enjoy it. The tablecloth is a tad short, but c’est la vie. We hadn’t ever put in the leaves to expand the table so we didn’t know it would be too short beforehand.purpledressThis is me today…getting alterations done to my dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding. The dress is from Tatyana here in Nashville, and Anna is their in-house alterations person who is helping me. My friend specified a dark purple dress for bridesmaids. There is lots of sparkle to detract from eye wrinkles. Tatyana is a fun, retro-inspired dress store downtown, and they carry sizes up to 4X…it’s for everyone, and I like that.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Mrs. T


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