What’s new around here….

19 Nov


Hi y’all! This is me on a recent trip to my favorite state (Texas!), when I loaded up all my children and my parents and my aunt and then the Mister drove us, Griswold-vacation-style out into the country for an hour in a rented mini-van to go shop for Enid Collins bags. Sorry, family! You do know that when I tell you we’re going someplace super-fun, I mean the antique mall.


In other news, the Mister has developed a take-no-prisoners attitude toward the jadeite lately. It has started to offend him that there is jadeite that does not belong to me. Whenever we pass a piece by, he’s like, “But WHY? WHY don’t you want that piece??” I sure did want these jadeite refrigerator dishes, though. They are the only fridge dishes that I think are too nice to use! I’m conflicted…I want to use them but what if I break one?


Case in point, the Mister just interrupted my typing to show me a photo of the jadeite-green toilets in the Hermitage hotel here in Nashville. “Look! They have jadeite toilets!!” he says, brandishing the phone. I hope they are bolted down, or the Mister will be trying to make a deal on them. He means business, that guy. This set is so cute. The lid on the salt shaker is a bit worn but everything else looks great.


I actually have some jadeite in the booth to sell right now, including these sweet Jane Ray cups and saucers. Did any of you spot the jadeite and Pyrex in the recent HBO movie, “Olive Kitteridge”? The movie wasn’t that good but I do enjoy it when I spot some of my favorite vintage kitchenware on film.


I’m also getting into the Christmas spirit in the booth…this cute Santa has the year 1955 written on the back. I pulled him out of an estate in Belle Meade…I love that someone thought to write the date down when they got him.

I’m going to try to post a bit more frequently…it seems hard to start again now that I’m out of the habit, but I still enjoy vintage treasures and sharing them with you.


Mrs. T


One Response to “What’s new around here….”

  1. Jane Whittaker November 19, 2014 at 9:08 am #

    Keep blogging. I really like reading about your finds and seeing the photos.

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