Macrame Comeback

4 Oct

I was born in 1973. And my Mother is very crafty. She was crafty way before Michael’s stores and Pinterest.  So, of course she did macramé crafts. She made a very incredible macramé hanger for a plant, a rug for my brother’s room that looked like a lion and also a wall hanging that looked like a longhorn steer head (if you are from Texas, that is a completely logical thing to make out of macramé).  I think we may still have the lion rug somewhere (I’m not saying that Mother never throws anything out, but her estate sale will be EPIC.)  Every craft fair I went to with my Mother my whole life, I could pick something up that I wanted and she would glance at it and say, “I could do that.”  And she sure can.

I got a West Elm catalog today, and do you know what was in it?

Oh, West Elm. Mother can do that! Anyway, I guess macramé is cool. Or maybe it’s ironic and therefore cool, like taxidermy? Y’all…did you ever foresee a day when macramé would make a comeback? Honestly, I did not. But you know what? This reminds me, strongly, that you just have to find your own style and choose what YOU love. One decade’s cool stuff is another decade’s totally uncool stuff…but if you wait long enough? It’s cool again. If macramé can come back, Lord love it, anything can.

So, enjoy trendy things but keep in mind…today’s granite countertops and stainless appliances are tomorrow’s “what were we thinking??”

You know what I love this week?
This desk, and this chair. circa 1970 from Hammary Furniture…Cherry wood, dovetailed joints in the drawers. Bought for less than anything new I could find at IKEA. I genuinely like the 1970 styling of the chair back.
This buffet. It has two drawers made to hold and organize sterling silver. A late 1960’s Pennsylvania House special. Again, dovetailed joints and cherry wood. $80, y’all. This was an expensive piece, in the day. I helped the Mister carry it out of an estate sale, and then into our house, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m tired. And possibly my arms might never be the same.
This table. I sure do like this table. It has three leaves, and a table pad that’s made for it. Cherry, classic Queen Anne lines. It didn’t seem that heavy after I carried my end of the buffet. On account of I no longer actually have feeling in my arms.
Whatever you like…you just gotta go with it. At some point, it will be the least cool thing, ever. But eventually, it might just come around again! You never know.

Mrs. T


2 Responses to “Macrame Comeback”

  1. Bernale Wright October 5, 2014 at 12:14 am #

    You are a sweetheart to remember me in such flattering terms. I do think the longhorn steer macrame was actually an owl and I absolutely no longer have it, (If you find it in the estate sale, I claim no knowledge.) and the plant hanger was a Christmas gift from your Aunt Pam, who was the queen of macrame out of financial necessity. You had some great finds today – that table is almost an exact copy of Granny’s – no wonder you love it. mom

  2. Carol October 5, 2014 at 1:18 am #

    Your Mother and I have a lot in common.

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