Possibly it’s been awhile?

1 Oct
That's right.

That’s right.

Hi. Remember how I was pretty good about updating the old blog, here…and then I got a job and I got busier and busier and then, yeah, notsomuch with the updates? And then, like, a year went by? Well, it happens, people. Look how much jadeite I managed to collect when I wasn’t blogging! So much I had to buy a cabinet to put it in. I blame Pinterest.
010 All this stuff went into the booth this week. Except for the pink clock. That one stayed right here with me.
014 I couldn’t keep these guys, though. Mother and I found them at the World’s Longest Yard sale. Their names are Poncho and Lefty and they are in the booth.
018 This is me at the World’s Longest Yard sale. I bought lots!
This is Mother. She was a trooper. The World’s Longest Yard Sale is very long! And hot.
Isn’t this cart cute? I already sold it.
034And in case you have been wondering what is up with my unpaid helper, she has grown 6 inches. And she still doesn’t like the flea market.

Mrs. T


One Response to “Possibly it’s been awhile?”

  1. shirley turcotte October 4, 2014 at 1:14 am #

    Like your new cabinet and all the jadeite. Can’t wait to see it. HI TO EMORY-JANE….Love Shirley.

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