Jadeite Akro Agate Tea Set

31 Jan
Hello, beautiful

Hello, beautiful

Hmm…what’s this? A child’s tea set? That I found at the January flea market? It is a well-known fact that I can’t resist retro kitchen toys. I love them. I want to buy ALL of them. But sadly, I am too old for toys and I don’t have unlimited room.

Not green glass. Jadeite. I know.

Not green glass. Jadeite. I know.

But it will be hard to sell this set, manufactured by the Akro Agate Co., in Clarkesburg, West Virginia….because it is jadeite. And you know how I feel about the jadeite.



So…this is adorable. And in the original box, with the killer-diller retro graphics. UGH. Whyyyy must I sell it?? Well, I will tell you. Because the booth seems to be moving a stupid amount of merchandise and I need to keep up with it, for profitability and all that nonsense. Whatever. Who wants to have a tea party before it goes to the booth??

Other people want to be warm, too, for cryin' out loud!

Other people want to be warm, too, for cryin’ out loud!

Also, any thoughts on how to get this dog off the heating vent so that it can be warm in my living room? She’s living on this vent. It’s not okay. xoxo, Mrs. T


2 Responses to “Jadeite Akro Agate Tea Set”

  1. Lisa January 31, 2014 at 4:01 am #

    That is so cute. I like toy kitchen pieces too. Of any sort.

    Might as well enjoy them for a while before you sell them. That’s one of the privileges of being a dealer.

  2. Lisa February 6, 2014 at 7:36 pm #

    SO! CUTE! And Jadeite! That will be a hard one to let go of, I bet; enjoy it a little while it’s yours, though! And I don’t blame that poor pup for staying on the vent, it has been so freakin’ cold in Nashville these last few weeks! Still, she should share the warmth with the rest of the house. 🙂 Happy (a little belated) 2014!

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