1 Nov

003 Halloween’s barely over so I best get crackin’ on Christmas, right?
004 I actually have a really nice larger silver tinsel tree that I need to take in, as well….but I have to find it in the basement, first. It even has a color wheel. This tiny one is from a Michael Taylor sale over the summer. I was so thrilled to find it with the original box and everything. I keep a bin all year long and just toss in little bits of Christmas here and there that I find at estate sales…it is fun to open it and remember all the sales I went to and all the things I got.
005 Check out these kitchen curtains. September flea market…$15. LOVE THEM.
49er Here’s me on the way to the flea market this month is a faux 49’er jacket–1940’s era, from an estate sale a couple of blocks away that Leanne Patterson did last spring. It has big shoulder pads. I love the colors.
40skitchen Here’s an Instagram picture Mark took with a vintage-y filter. Pretty time-warp-y, right? That’s the way I like it. Hope you are having a good fall! I’m too busy to blog on the regular right now but I hope to pop in here and there. xoxo, LaurenT


One Response to “Next!”

  1. rae November 4, 2013 at 5:12 am #

    oh i love that little tree! i might have to go check it out! i seriously buy something from your booth every time i’m there! that cute cow basket purse is now in my closet, haha!

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