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29 Sep

Hello! Long time, no talk. Sorry, friends…work and kids and the house and the booth all conspire to steal my blogging mojo. Aren’t you glad it’s fall, though? I am. The Mister and I have bought mums on three separate occasions because we keep deciding that we don’t have enough for the front porch. And this weekend’s weather was perfect for the flea market. fleamarketlady The Mister and I had a great time and picked up a few things…we also hit the Bettie Page store downtown. I had no idea this store had come to Nashville until I read it on another blog.  I was super-excited and had to go. I love their assortment of retro-inspired dresses…and I also LOVE that the Tatyana Designs line carried in the store comes in a range of sizes from XXS-3XL.  It’s a rare women’s specialty clothing retailer that has figured out that women come in all sizes. If you’re downtown, it’s a fun place to go in and try on. bettiepageWell, on to the stuff I’ve found lately for the booth… Aren’t these boxes of cards sweet? 003They are from the 1960’s and are packets of assorted cards for various occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, get-well…etc.  I like the pastel colors and retro designs on the boxes…and how they have fancy names like “Sparkling Pets” and “Satin Fantasy.” They are in great shape, too, and headed to the booth. 004These are new, too….you know I love my green appliances! This salt and pepper shaker set were a promotional piece manufactured by Westinghouse to promote a mid-1950’s washer and dryer set. The shakers also came in white and pink, and I presume the appliances did, too. 003Is two vintage hair dryers a collection? Uh oh…

This is my newly-installed shelf in our downstairs bathroom. The Mister put it up this morning…he is a real perfectionist about hanging things and he measures and uses a level and everything.  My traditional method of hanging things is to eyeball it, hope for the best and slam a nail into the wall with whatever I have handy (shoe, can opener…who can be bothered to find a hammer??). The Mister will not put up with those sorts of shenanigans and so now he hangs all my pictures and shelves the “correct” way.  Do you love these hair dryers? I do. I’m not allowed to use them because the Mister has declared them a huge fire hazard and also I don’t generally have 30 or so hours to spare every time I need to dry my hair. These dryers are SUPER slow and not very powerful. But they are so darned cute. The green one was supposed to go to the booth several months ago and as you can see….yeah, that ain’t really happening.

love from Lauren T–xoxo


3 Responses to “New stuff”

  1. Lisa September 30, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    One of the advantages of the resale business is sometimes we get to enjoy items before we pass them along. Providing we choose to pass them along.

  2. rae September 30, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    i love the top you wore for the flea market! i didn’t get to go this weekend and was bummed, because it was so nice!
    i love those hair dryers too! i have one tucked away somewhere. i think a little collection of them looks super cute displayed in a bathroom

  3. Lisa October 22, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    Look at those washer machine shakers! Killin’ it. I hope we have good weather for the flea this weekend! It’s “the big one”!!

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