New stuff for the booth

16 Sep

craigslist3 A few cute things in the booth this week. These hangers aren’t vintage, but they are darling and handmade…I used to hang my daughter’s clothes on them, but she’s gotten too big for baby-sized hangers. My kids have both had huge growth spurts over the summer. I don’t recall approving that plan, but they seem to have gone ahead with it. The Pyrex is new, too.  Love that pink with flowers.
craigslistI’m still culling out the Enid Collins bags…this one is a real deal for a SUPER-cute bag. I still love it but my collection has grown and I have too many of this type of bag, so it needs a new owner. craigslist2 This one is cute, too. The box bags are really fun–if you don’t have one, you need one. Run, don’t walk.

As for us here are Apron Strings Vintage HQ, we are busy as usual. Apparently you can take the Mister out of New York, but you cannot take the New York out of the Mister…today I found out that he yelled at two guys who attempted to cut in line at an estate sale on Thursday. Let this be a lesson to all local estate sale line-jumpers; the Mister is there for the jadite but he has no reservations about doling out vigilante justice. You’re welcome, Nashville!  (Also watch out because I’ve coached him to throw elbows when he spots pastel-colored Pyrex.)

Yesterday we went to a sale and to some antique stores in Springfield…we were very good and only came home with a Weller vase. No elbows thrown!  Hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying this pretty weather! xoxo, LaurenT


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