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1 Sep

The Mister has been promoted to Head Picker lately, due to how busy I have been with my current job. He found all of this aqua Pyrex a week or two ago…he was first in line and was 100% ready to throw an elbow or two (although I don’t think he needed to!). Good, right? The Santa Claus is from the flea market. We found 4 of these over several months last year and sold all of them, so Santa will be headed to the booth in a few months when I put out my holiday stuff.008 I still love aqua! Isn’t that little creamer too cute? I love creamers, although we don’t generally have occasion to set out a coffee service. (I wish my life were fancy like that…maybe someday!) These days, I use my Jane Ray jadite creamer as a mini-milk pitcher for my little girl to use on her cereal in the mornings.001 This way, I can set her cereal out for her on the table and her cereal doesn’t get soggy while she dilly-dallies on her way to breakfast. The creamer is just the right size for her little hands and she loves to pour her milk herself. And yes, we mix Fiestaware and Jadite around here.  I’m just not a matching-set-of-dishes sort of person…all the Fiestaware is in orange, aqua, red and yellow, and then I have light green Jane Ray. Dishes are my weakness…if I had the storage, I would have so many sets.

Around the house, the Mister and I finally completed all the painting and hanging of window treatments, and now we’ve moved on to decorating. We’ll definitely have some pictures in the works now that our walls are normal, neutral colors and not varying shades of magenta, purple and spackle. So, happy Labor Day weekend to you…I am now thankfully off work for two days! xoxo, LaurenT


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