New goodies in the booth

15 Aug

Ooh…did the Mister do good this time! He has a very nice co-worker who wanted to sell a very nice dinette set. Now, I just love a dinette. When we looked at houses, I was looking for a kitchen or breakfast room where my red dinette set would look just right. My house selection criteria was this: 1. Good School district 2. How does my dinette fit? 3. Is it close to Pure Barre? I’m not pretending to be a deep person, y’all.

So, wanna see a cute dinette? Because you might need one.

It comes with 4 chairs and a leaf for the table. The chairs are in pretty darned good shape, which is hard to find in vinyl chairs of this era. If you find a good table with matching chairs, it seems like they are inevitably what we like to call in Tennessee “tore up.” But these are just peachy.

Wanna see what else I have in the booth? I’m whittling down my Enid Collins bag collection. When I get excited about something, I buy every darned piece I see. Sometimes, that turns out to be too much. But if you’ve been hunting up an Enid, look no further.

Not sure why the 1930’s tray and Fisher-Price Roly Ball are part of this composition, but I’m not pretending to be a talented photographer, either.
This is me before I headed to work the other day. My shirt is from an old Pontiac dealership. I love it. Somebody once told me that I dress like my booth looks. Hmm….well, as my son said today, “It sounds like you were a real nerd in high school, mom.” So, maybe that explains a lot?

Duck Dynasty season premiere is on now! I love you guys, but yeah…priorities! xoxo, Mrs. T


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