Flea Market: Round Two

26 May

The flea market runs Friday-Sunday, and usually I go on Friday and that’s it. But sometimes the Mister will persuade me to make a second trip on Sunday, when the best deals can be made. The Mister LOVES a deal and he is not afraid to throw out a lowball price. Whereas I am always anxious that I will hurt some dealer’s feelings if I offer a low price. Seriously. So, I’m good on Friday, because the dealers will only take off 10-20% anyway, and I can ask for that much of a price reduction, no problem. But the Mister will try to get crazy low prices and here’s the thing…more often than not he is successful, and he never seems to make anyone mad. Sometimes it is handy to be married to a salesman!

I do love red and white!

I do love red and white!

Check out that canister set with the matching trash can! I love the hibiscus (Alert Readers Karen and Kelley tell me that it is actually anthurium and not hibiscus. Thanks for setting me straight, ladies!). They are super-tropical and fun.
I'm going to regret selling this.

I’m going to regret selling this.

And the Sessions teapot clock. Apparently these are 1940’s era. Isn’t it great? It has a few surface scratches but runs perfectly. mayflea5 I’m afraid that I am not reselling the large square refrigerator box. The square ones are difficult to find in nice shape with the lid because they are relatively fragile and the lids tend to get broken. I already have a butter dish in this pattern and now I’m keeping this one…is another collection coming on? Hmmm…
mayfleaUnrelated to the flea market, I FINALLY found a pair of high-waisted denim capri jeans that fit my waist/hip ratio. AND they were not expensive AND they are made in the USA. Available at Modcloth, run don’t walk! xoxo, LaurenT


2 Responses to “Flea Market: Round Two”

  1. Kelley Huebner May 26, 2013 at 11:48 pm #

    Very cool, although the flower is an anthurium rather than a hibiscus.

  2. Lisa May 30, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    Those jeans are awesome! I need to snap some up. Also, I love the cannister set (duh, look at it, it’s adorable).

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