Old Lady

29 Apr

Hi y’all.
I know it has been a little bit quiet on the blog lately, but house renovations, my son’s tennis matches and keeping up with estate sales have kept me busy. Also, the Mister threw me a surprise birthday weekend for my 40th birthday. Some of my dearest friends came in to town from Florida, New Jersey, Indianapolis, Virginia and North Carolina. It was the best birthday present, ever. The Mister really knocked it out of the park!

Having said that, the Mister just walked by, noticed I was writing a blog post and said, “‘Bout time you were blogging, you’ve been slacking!” Why was I talking nice about him again?? That guy…

So, I got the greatest surprise party, ever, AND the Mister’s sweet mother sent me a lovely card and sweet gift. And my kids picked out very nice cards for me, which I loved, and they addressed them to “Mommy” rather than “Hey, can I have something to eat?”, which is how they usually address me, and I appreciated that very much.

And…my parents spoiled me flat rotten. They read my blog and heard about the green stove that I could not have. Mother did not think that I should take the loss of that stove lying down (which I was not going to do; I was going to stand around and complain loudly to anyone who would listen). And so she said that she would bankroll me if I made those people an offer. Well, I was down with that, but it turns out that the configuration of my kitchen is such that if I put in a 40″ wide stove, there is NO ROOM for a dishwasher. Which, if you know me, you will know that this is peachy because I hand-wash all my dishes since so many of them are vintage and a dishwasher just ruins the finish on old dishes. Have I ever told you not to put Pyrex in the dishwasher? Don’t do that.

So, theoretically I am fine with no dishwasher because then the house will look more like it is authentic to the time it was built. I think that sounds great, actually. Because now my kitchen will be more period-correct and I am getting closer to my childhood dream of living in a museum diorama! (And by childhood dream, I mean that is still kind of my dream right now, it is just slightly more shameful to admit.) Except if we ever try to sell this house? No dishwasher might be a deal-breaker. Because most people love their Pyrex-ruining, water-wasting machines and most people also have no desire to pretend that they are living in 1934 (Seriously, what the heck?).

But in the end, there is only one option that I can put in a 30″ opening which is also jadite green, which I’ve decided is the color that I cannot live without.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn’t she lovely?

Well, I could have chosen this one.



But the high back (and the fact that a red version appears on a TV show called “Bitchin’ Kitchen”, and I do not approve of TV shows that use the word “bitchin” in the title because that is just tacky) made it unappealing. Also, this one looks like it needs to be next to a carboard cut-out of James Dean and maybe a car with pink fins.

So…I’m getting my awesome green stove. And yes, I know that it is ridiculous for a grown woman to get such a nice gift from her parents for her birthday, but both the Mister and I have been blessed with parents who are pretty off-the-hook, generosity-wise. I am not sure why or how we got so lucky, but it is true that we did, and we are grateful.

So…thank you to the Mister, and to my mother-in-law Shirley and to my Mother and Daddy who have tried hard to make me feel special for 40 years. My kitchen is going to be epic. xoxo, LaurenT


2 Responses to “Old Lady”

  1. itwasjudith April 29, 2013 at 7:06 am #

    lovely shade indeed! I second the choice of the first one.
    your family sound like a great one, very nice of them all 🙂
    (belated happy b-day!)

  2. rae May 1, 2013 at 4:23 am #

    oh wow! that rules! i can’t wait to see how your kitchen (and the rest of your house!) turns out! and how sweet of your husband to throw you a surprise party. happy belated birthday!

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