Flea Market Update: March

24 Mar

Reluctant helper is reluctant. (The other one is not pictured because she was practicing her “mad face” and refused to be in the photo.)
Doesn’t my son look full of JOY and HAPPINESS to be included in a flea market adventure? Sigh. Unfortunately for them, flea market weekend never seems to fall on the weekends that they are with their dad. They consider this to be an injustice of the highest order and/or a violation of their constitutional rights. So, even though it was a pretty good flea market with lots of great stuff AND some pretty good Sunday deals to be had due to the terrible, terrible flea market weather (cold, rain, mist, mud, yuck), I just came away with this.
It’s not usual for me to find deals on Pyrex at the flea. There’s always Pyrex to be had, but usually the dealers who stock it are knowledgeable about their prices and unwilling to come down too much to leave me a profit margin. If I buy it at the flea, it’s because a dealer who has a mishmash of stuff has a couple of pieces they are willing to unload pretty cheap, or in the case of the Early American, because they think the pieces are more unpopular than they actually are (I believe in you, Early American. And I am not the only one!). And a rainy Sunday usually means people are ready to deal rather than pack up a bunch of stuff.

The bowl with the little red Dutch scene isn’t Pyrex, but it was SO sweet that I could not resist. Such a cute pattern, and my favorite red and white. I always love the verde green Pyrex and the blue bowl is from the classic 4-color primary set–I collect strays and make up sets and so I always buy them when I find them for a good price. The orange mixing bowl is from a 4-color set, as well, but the other bowls are harder to find and so I will likely sell it as a single. And the Early American fridgies are too darn cute…they show the cutest part of the pattern–the corn, cat and coffee grinder. Love!

This week, we are meeting the project manager for our house renovation and so hopefully that will be good…I am very ready to move forward with seeing it become move-in-ready! Here in Nashville it is supposed to be snowy and rainy this week…stay warm, whether you are here or elsewhere! xoxo, LaurenT


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