Estate Sale Update

24 Feb


Lots of cool stuff this week from a Southern Sisters sale in Hendersonville that started on Wednesday. Prices were high, mind you. I went there with a Hoosier cabinet in mind for a project that I will be blogging about soon, but it was a whopping $800 for a later example that had been painted. That’s high retail but when I returned on the last day to see if it was half price, it was gone. Hope somebody got a deal!


The kitty cat tea towel is a cute one, yes? The Mister finds it ironic that I buy cat-themed items for the store when I do not care for cats, myself. I tell him that there are a lot of crazy cat ladies out there. The chippy chalkware cat with a bow on his neck is pretty cute, too. Say that 3 times fast: cute chippy chalkware cat. Or…not.
The little green tin stove hiding behind the cat is one of those fabulous toys that they don’t make anymore on account of the danger. It has a cord, and actually heats up. And not Easy-Bake-Oven style with a lightbulb to bake the cake. It has a full-on heating element. I really, really wish that I could plug it in and see just how hot it gets and assess whether or not you could really bake a tiny cake in the oven, but the cord is very frayed and Safety Patrol will not allow those sort of shenanigans in our house. As a child, this toy would have delighted me NO END. Who am I kidding, it delights me no end now. I am not sure I can put it in the booth…I know I say that about everything but I really mean it this time.
Speaking of things that I am loathe to part with. This 1930s-era tinted embroidered pillow is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen, and one of my favorite picks in months. I’ve read a book or two on old embroidery, and the tinted pieces that were popular in the good ol’ days seem a little hard to come by…I rarely find them and almost never in very good shape. This is both adorable and in mint condition. There was another one to match, but that pillow was full of buckwheat rather than normal stuffing like this one and it had deteriorated too much to buy.

The Mister and I hit the flea yesterday and came home with a few little things but not much. It had a lot more good stuff than last month, though. If you are out today, I wish you much luck! xoxo, LaurenT


2 Responses to “Estate Sale Update”

  1. rae February 24, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    i love that little pillow! it is so sweet and i haven’t ever seen one like it even passable condition!
    i went to the flea but nothing really knocked my socks off. i got some photos and a book as usual.

  2. Lisa February 24, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    A great haul, as always; and I’m with you girls about the flea, I found a couple things but nothing I was flipping my wig over. I lo-o-o-o-ove the super dangerous stove. I thought it was adorable just as a figural toy, but when you said it straight up has a heating element in it– can you imagine boiling little pots of water or cooking little pans of tiny cornbread for your dolls? I actually might have died thinking about how cute that is.

    Also, that tinted embroidered pillow is SO. BEAUTIFUL. Excellent execution AND in perfect condition. You have the estate sale touch, girl!

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