Thursday & Friday Estate Sale Round Up

8 Feb

Hey y’all. I’ve been hitting the estate sale circuit like it’s July and not freezing cold, damp February. Yesterday I was at a Michael Taylor sale in Madison. His new no basket rule meant that I was balancing a lamp in a jadeite bowl on one arm and carrying a train case and a picnic kit in my other hand. It’s a wonder I didn’t break anything or take out any little old ladies.

Thankfully, the Family Tree sale I went to in Inglewood today was easier to manage, until I decided that I could pass up almost all of the lawn chairs but I had to have one. Just one! I don’t know if I can sell it, though. I looooove it. It is still sturdy, even with the chipped paint and rust.

Of course, every time I park several blocks away, that is the day that I find something heavy or bulky that I cannot live without. Usually it is a 30-lb concrete planter. Fortunately most of you don’t live in Inglewood and so did not spot me not-so-gracefully hauling this muddy lawn chair down the street in my yoga pants at 8:30 a.m. this morning.
Here are some more things that I got. The scale is a baby scale, and someone needs to put it in their vintage nursery. The train case is the cleanest and nicest I have ever found–the insides are very cool and in great shape. If you don’t have a train case, girls, run don’t walk to Gaslamp Too. This is a beauty! 

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing hair dryer, yes? The brand name is “Handy Hannah”, and it is, frankly, delightful. Look at the color! And it works! I briefly contemplated using it to blow dry my hair this morning, but the thing about the Handy Hannah is that while it was surely a marvel of ingenuity in its time? It’s a bit slow, speed-wise, compared to a modern hair dryer. And I didn’t have three hours for a turtle-speed blowout today.

It’s just as well because Safety Patrol aka the Mister is convinced that it will light on fire and I will burn the house down with it, but it really did work very well and seemed just fine. Plus, it would be a good workout for my arms because it is very heavy. I could work on my bingo wings AND dry my hair–win/win, right?? This is actually why I carry a handbag instead of a shoulder bag–my bag is always heavy because I carry a ton of stuff and so it is a mini arm workout to haul it around. That is my theory, anyway. The Happy Hannah is just too slow, though. And possibly a fire trap.
I am not ready to start thinking about Christmas but my vintage Christmas stuff sold pretty well and so I’m trying to start to restock. And I’m thinking about making a wreath out of old ornaments. Mother has a huge one that she made, but it takes a lot of ornaments and you don’t want to pay too much. The plaid bag contains a never-used picnic set.
Like the owner of this set, I have good intentions of going on picnics but I never actually go on them.
Some cute Disney things, a lid-less Pyrex, a scottie dog planter, a tiki mug and two owl plaques. The owls made me think of the awesome Jamie at Owl Really who always has the best owl stuff. She just did a very nice write-up of my booth on her blog, and her booth at the Nashville Antique Mall is fantastic. If you found my blog via Jamie’s…welcome, and I am so glad you are here! And if you are one of my readers (hi Mom!) you should totally check out Jamie’s blog.
The Mister and I went out to lunch today at Siam (Woodbine folks–we need to have a meet-up at Siam. I love Siam!) and I finally wore this vintage sweater that I got at Moonshine Nettie’s a few weeks back.
I was a bit hesitant about purchasing it because it had a couple of small moth holes, but the person working at the shop suggested that I embroider extra flowers to cover them, and that was exactly what I did! Now, the Mister took these pictures and put together the Instagram photo collage, and so that is why you have the picture of me adjusting the sweater lining (I was not adjusting anything else, in case you were wondering) and the close-up of the sweater detail that looks like, well, kind of a boobie shot. The Mister…what can I even say? He’s a guy. Please notice the high-waisted jeans, people. I have found a solution to my ongoing jeans dilemma. Predictably, it was expensive. But that is a post for another day!

Good estate sale luck to those of you out on the hunt this weekend, and some of you need to put that Inglewood sale on your list. There were a few chairs left this morning that need good homes! xoxo, LaurenT


8 Responses to “Thursday & Friday Estate Sale Round Up”

  1. Eartha Kitsch February 8, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    You found some great stuff! “Basket Issues” – ha! You should totally make yourself a t-shirt to wear to their sale that says, “I have basket issues”. That Michael Taylor sale was RIDICULOUS with the pricing. We didn’t got until today and even with their 20% it was still bad. I bought less than $4.00 worth and had four different strangers say to me at different points in the sale, “This stuff is WAY TOO HIGH!” and it totally was. I don’t know what they’re thinking, to be honest with you. A lot of that stuff would only appeal to certain people but it was priced like it was all high-demand items in a vintage store. Broke my heart. I could have helped relieve them of some of that kitsch if it were affordable. That makes me sad that Michael yelled at someone. It was so bloomin’ cold out there. The guy was probably just trying to stay alive. : )

  2. February 8, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    I just want to point out for the record that those shots were a bit wider before I inserted them into that collage. As for being a man…with an amazingly beautiful wife? Guilty.

  3. rae February 8, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

    ugh, hopefully this doesn’t post twice. but i was trying to say:
    Oooh how much do you want for the Bambi stuff? That would be perfect in my craft room! And I was pouting because I had wanted to go out to those sales today, but couldn’t because of work, but i’m not feeling so bad now. I LOVE that chair you got though!
    and let’s please have a meet up at siam! I have always wanted to go but never have.

    • February 8, 2013 at 10:37 pm #

      i’m down for a siam dinner! we go to thai star but i miss siam. 🙂

      you’re the third person to say the prices were too high! i am gonna make the rounds in the morning – michael taylor discount 50% on saturday, hopefully?

      ps thanks for the shout-out!

      • apronstringsvintage February 8, 2013 at 11:57 pm #

        Siam is the best–we should totally go! I like Thai Star too, but since they got shut down for non-payment of taxes for a couple of days, the Mister won’t go back. 😦 The prices on that sale were bananas but I’m tempted to go back myself because I’m thinking there will be a lot left on the third day because the starting price was so high–so you should do well! There was a really cool owl canister that you would have loved if it is still there…it was in the basement and was $25, but for half-off it would be worth it.

    • apronstringsvintage February 8, 2013 at 11:53 pm #

      For you, I will do $20 for the three cutouts and the tray–it will be higher if they go in my booth to cover the percentage the mall takes. I will hold them for you while you decide. And yay, Siam!

  4. Lisa February 9, 2013 at 1:55 am #

    I was honestly flabbergasted by the prices at that MT sale. I got the white, sixties’ metal bench that was out back– check this out for crazy prices. The BENCH, which was in pretty good shape, nothing missing on it, everything accounted for and no bad rust, five feet long or so, was $55 (with 20% off today)…which is high for me but reasonable for anybody else, and I needed it. The matching chair that went with it, which is half the size but in similar shape…was $50 (also with 20%, but I left it). Does that even make sense to you? Shouldn’t the chair have been less expensive than the bench? Shouldn’t they have sold them both as a set for $75 and been done with it? I couldn’t figure what was with the pricing, but maybe the people’s family ended up making very specific “it has to be this” requests on Taylor, because he usually does at least ok on first day prices.

    That aside, I love your finds (esp. the hair dryer! And to heck with safety, industrially dried hair AND banished bingo wings? Sign me UP) as always, and if you do a tiny Woodbine blogger meetup, you have get me in on it, even if I am East Side! Have tag sale stories, will travel. 🙂

  5. Danavee February 9, 2013 at 4:05 pm #

    What a haul!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m drooling over those ornaments. Yes to making a wreath!

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