1936 Kitchen and Bath

30 Jan

So, we still don’t know if our offer has been accepted on the storybook Tudor cottage that I posted about previously…but I know that some of you are vintage kitchen-aholics like me and thought that you might like to see what it looks like, just for fun.
The cabinets are just peachy. I love them! The tile backsplash and flooring will have to go. And the light fixture.
Here’s another pic. I love this curved shelf, don’t you? What would you display here? I would probably change out vintage dishware all the time…
It only has space for a pretty small refrigerator. Which is actually totally fine with me. If this ends up being my kitchen, I will put a vintage repro fridge in, probably from Big Chill. And again…I’m thinking jadeite for the color. If I had a 1950’s kitchen, I’d do aqua or a light yellow but for a 1930’s kitchen it has to be green, in my mind. I don’t want an actual old fridge because they are SO energy inefficient. I would love a vintage stove, however…but period to the house might be a little too vintage. I will have to be on the watch for one…if y’all see any, holler, okay?

As for redoing the tile, I will probably do a white subway tile backsplash and probably a white tile counter with a black trim on the edge. Black and white hexagonal tiles on the floor. Because I have so much kitchenware and it’s so colorful, I’d rather have a neutral kitchen to be a backdrop to whatever I’m obsessing about at the moment, rather than committing to a color scheme.

The house has very high ceilings which is exciting because I love old fixtures and this gives me a chance to select great big pendant-style fixtures. I’m sure that the people at the Rejuvenation lighting store have been missing me because it’s been several years since I gave them all my money but I’m sure that they would welcome me back. I’m hoping to find some vintage fixtures in good shape, though.
I would have lots of good places for my ornate green beauty…But I am thinking the hallway.
That is realtor Marsha Mauney in the picture. She works for Zeitlin and is an excellent realtor…plus she used to have three antique booths, so she doesn’t think I’m a giant nut for getting excited about an old house. If you need to buy or sell a house, you should totally call her. She is extremely competent and very nice. In this picture, she is looking at the main floor bathroom. That bathroom…is not good.


No, really, it is not good. It is, in fact, slightly dreadful. I don’t think a single thing other than the toilet can be saved. And the upstairs bathroom is equally not good, and has a clawfoot tub. I think I will send the tub out for re-enameling and put it in here, though. There is a place that repairs and re-enamels tubs here in Nashville; if you did not know, it is cheaper to salvage an old clawfoot tub than it is to buy a new reproduction. There is never any reason to buy a repro clawfoot; old ones abound and they can be completely and beautifully restored. I had one in a house that I had built in Sewanee that I picked out at a local salvage yard, had re-done and had my contractor drive up the mountain. It was a great tub. And the price of the tub, two new feet and the re-enameling cost less than any new clawfoot. Just FYI in case you didn’t know.


So, when we hear about the house, I will let you know! There are a lot of good things about it but a lot of work to do, too. If we get it, I will be thrilled, but if not, I will have more adventures in house hunting to share. xoxo, LaurenT


One Response to “1936 Kitchen and Bath”

  1. raesock January 31, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    oh i love that curved shelf! i wish i had one in my kitchen. i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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