Estate Sale Update

17 Jan

Mid-January in Tennessee is most definitely not the time of year for awesome estate sales. The pickings, they are slim. Still, I’m getting out there because my booth is not as full as I would like, and I’m missing some things that I like to keep in stock–samplers, cookbooks, jadeite (I am down to one piece of jadeite, what the heck?), quilts, granny square afghans, taxidermy, vintage dishtowels. Plus, I’m in need of sets of glasses to fill all those glass caddies I bought and lamps for all the awesome lampshades I found this past fall. Next summer, I’m going to hit the sales harder and spend more…I was a little more conservative than I needed to be, but live and learn.

The Mister and I braved the rain on Saturday and we hit a sale in Bon Aqua with my awesome friend Ang and her boyfriend, Curt. Bon Aqua is truly in the middle of nowhere and we drove down some crazy, winding muddy country roads to find this sale. I re-stocked my cookbook supply and also came across this:
All of the pieces are there; I’ve seen them set up but never mint in the box. I was tempted to keep it but I really need inventory. I do love a dress form, though. After the Bon Aqua sale, we went to Antique Archaeology and my booth. meandangie
It is always super-fun to show out-of-town people my booth. Ang has been my friend for 13 years. By day, she is a nurse in Indiana, but she is also a burlesque performer known as Desda Mae Q Moana, and her troupe, Angel Burlesque, is really popular and well-respected in Indianapolis. I am super-proud of her! And I love Angel Burlesque; some of the other girls have become my friends as well. They are innovative and awesome and if you are ever in Indy? Be sure to catch a show!
Watching Ang follow her burlesque dream–which is pretty gutsy–reminds me to be brave in my own life, and to believe that I, too, can do the things I want to do. Here we are with Curt at the Nashville Biscuit House, which had killer biscuits and gravy and was just awesome. I totally recommend it!
On Sunday, The Mister and I went to another sale in Jasper (a lot of driving this weekend). We were there on the final day which was good because the prices were too high without that final day discount.
I got really great set of aqua Samsonite luggage–including a large suitcase which I have to keep because it completes my own set of aqua Samsonite.
The two small pieces will go to the booth. They are in great shape. I have both of these pieces and have traveled with them a lot and get compliments every time. They are super-sturdy and you will feel like you walked right out of Mad Men when you hit the airport with these babies. Plus, they are easy to spot in a sea of black rolling suitcases.  Vintage luggage is easy to find at estate sales, inexpensive and just plain way more cool than lame old black rolling bags. On the other hand, you will need a porter to help you carry a full set (because no wheels) and the days where you could check a ton of bags with no penalty are gone, baby, gone. But for car trips, if you have a husband who doesn’t mind hauling your bags…these are the bomb! xoxo, LaurenT



One Response to “Estate Sale Update”

  1. Shirley Turcotte January 17, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

    For my high school graduation, my parents gave me a set of this luggage.
    It was burgandy color with ivory trim. When Mark’s band was on the road, he used the large suitcase to carry electrical cords. The other two pieces, one day, I just took to the thrift shop. Sorryyyyyyyyyyy..Shirley

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