New Caro-Nan

30 Dec

Look what I found today! It has been awhile since I added to the Caro-Nan collection but in case you were thinking my Caro-Nan obsession went away…no, that did not happen.
Aren’t they cute? The one with the cow was created by Caro-Nan for the Tennessee Angus Auxiliary.



I am not sure what occasion I will have to carry a cow-themed purse, but I do enjoy the TN state fair, so I will take it there, at least. And the one with Happy on the lid was created for the Carriage Shop of Tallahassee, FL. I love that it says “happy” because it makes me think of Phil Robertson saying “happy, happy, happy” on Duck Dynasty. It is plain, flat-out embarrassing, how much I enjoy the Duck Dynasty. I know that it is a fake, scripted reality show, but even knowing that…it still manages to crack me up every time I watch it.

But…speaking of fake, scripted reality shows…did y’all watch “Wives With Beehives” on TLC the other night? I admit that I had high hopes for that show because it showcased some pretty fab people from the California rockabilly scene. And my hope was, of course, that TLC would share Dollie’s amazing house that she has carefully decorated in 1950’s style, or Amber Foxx’s singing talent or EPIC dressing room. But…wow. They had so much awesome material to work with and you could tell that they were trying to make the girls seem weird or catty and awful. Which, if you’ve read any blog from any blogger in California, you would know that this is just not the case. I feel terrible for the girls involved, because they deserved a show about how cool they are, and not this “Real Housewives” knock-off.

However, as bad as this show turned out to be, I know that the same Cali rockabilly scene will be shown off in style by the upcoming documentary that my high school friend, Elise Solomon, is producing about Wild Records. As fake and awful as this documentary was, her film will be authentic and awesome, so wait for that! I practically guarantee that it will make any vintage enthusiast happy, happy, happy. xoxo, LaurenT


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