Christmas Sweater

20 Dec

I think that I have confessed my non-ironic love of a tacky Christmas sweater here on the blog. When I was young and uncool, I used to get a new one every December from Talbots and wear it with pride. And now that I am old and still uncool, I feel a little sad when I see hipsters sporting their “hilarious” Christmas sweaters. Those sweaters aren’t so-ugly-they-are-cute. Those are regular cute! Well, I can’t help it…I do love a theme and combining it with jewels? Just makes me happy, happy, happy. (say that in your best Duck Dynasty voice, okay?) But I hold back with the Christmas sweater love these days and the only sweater that I traditionally sport is this one.
It’s a 1950’s era cardigan, handmade in Norway, according to the label, that belonged to my Granny, Zadie Adams Trout. It is a heavyweight wool and is in immaculate condition…seriously still as cute as the day she got it. Although, seeing that Gran was from Alice, TX and lived in either Wichita Falls or Alice/Orange Grove for her whole life, I’m not sure why she felt the need for a heavy wool cardigan. But she always took excellent care of her things and she was a huge clotheshorse. Whenever she would buy a particularly nice or fancy outfit, she would justify it by saying, “Well, you can bury me in it.” I don’t know if you have crazy old Southern ladies in your family but that is exactly the kind of thing they are always saying.


I was thinking that this sweater, since it is a short-waisted style, would look super-cute with high-waisted vintage repro jeans, like from Freddies of Pinewood? I’m wearing my standard mid-rise boot cut jeans in this picture, but it seems like high-waisted ones would be adorable. But, have y’all ever tried Freddie’s? Because I have, but never successfully. They always look like mom jeans on me instead of the retro-chic look I had in mind. I wonder if it is because my waist/hip ratio is just wrong for the fit. They look fantasic on girls with a tiny waist and some junk in the trunk.  However, I am super thick-waisted for a reasonably slim person and so if they fit me in the waist, the hips and legs are HUGE.  This is always my problem with vintage or vintage repro. Have any of y’all figured out how to wear and look good in vintage or repro jeans? Other than wearing some kind of waist-cincher? If so, I need your advice. Also, with the cuffs, how much cuff is cute and how much is too much cuff? Somebody knowledgeable needs to blog about this; I would totally read it. xoxo, LaurenT



2 Responses to “Christmas Sweater”

  1. Jamie December 20, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    Oh my goodness, that is an adorable sweater! And while no one in my family has ever used the justification, “You can bury me in it” you can bet that I’ll be using it!

  2. Lisa December 26, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    LOVE. THE. SWEATER. I look awful in anything as fitted and highwaisted as retro-styled pants usually are…but I see so many blogger girls in those Freddies’ denim numbers that fit like a charm! Maybe you could have them altered in the leg and taken in a little so they look less baggy in the bottom part? Or try an etsy seller that does bespoke retro for about the same price? Also, “you can bury me in it” is definitely my new favorite thing said that I have to work into my everyday conversation. So delicious and dark and funny! Merry xmas!

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