Faux Fridge Boxes

18 Dec

Look what I came across at Target today! Fake vintage glass refrigerator boxes. Are they trendy now? The only people I know who use glass refrigerator boxes are…well, vintage enthusiasts and people who fear BPAs in plastics (sometimes we are the same people). But that’s a pretty small group. Is it possible that I am ahead of my time in my ‘fridge box obsession? I mean, if Target is making them, they must think they can sell a lot of them.

Lame. And bad colors.

Lame. And bad colors.

People…I’m beggin’ ya. There are a lot of GREAT ‘fridge box sets out there, I mean, a lot. There is NO NEED for you or anyone to buy cheapass repros from Target. Unlike a lot of awesome but fragile vintage collectables, you can use and use and use your vintage refrigerator boxes every day and it will be fine (as long as you handwash. Always handwash.) It can be 1940 in your fridge every day if you want! And authentically 1940, not fake Target 2012-does-1940.
Why you make me so mad, Target?

Why you make me so mad, Target?

I’m not a hardcore reduce/reuse/recycle hippie or anything. But please know that you can go to your local antique store or flea market and supporting local resellers (not just me, lots of people sell these) and get something that is authentically vintage. And a lot more awesome. For pretty much the same price. xoxo, LaurenT


6 Responses to “Faux Fridge Boxes”

  1. Lisa December 18, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    My parents bought me a three piece set of glass refrigerator dishes from Walmart of all places a few years ago– clear glass and kind of ridged, with the matching lids, and the whole set (small square, large square, rectangle) was something like $20. I can’t remember what the brand was but it was something you’d recognize. I like to use them for everyday stuff and then keep my nice vintage ones for serving dishes at parties and stuff like that. Those Target ones are actually ugly, though (what’s with the lids?!), and you’re right! You could get one at a sale or an antique store for about the same price, in better quality materials, and reuse existing ones!

  2. reretro December 19, 2012 at 6:07 am #

    i love how it’s labelled ‘kitch’- is it an abbreviation or a typo? i hope it’s a typo! the world is full of unexpected hilarity.

  3. Boomdeeadda December 19, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    We don’t have Target here yet but they are opening a few real soon. I love those kitchen savers, but I’ve got to tell you, they aren’t all that cheap here. Maybe if you want one of the less coveted colours you’d get a deal. Typically a nice one in maybe yellow or aqua will set you back $15-20…buying a set of 3 is more likely $50, if you can even find a set. So the Target ones might be a good option. Especially if you have kids or like me tend to break stuff daily. It’s not as traumatic breaking your $5 Target knockoff. 😀

  4. rae December 21, 2012 at 5:24 am #

    i use my little fridgies all the time! and i have some new glass stuff to, but not these ugly fridgie knock offs. i’m a secret hippie and try to only use glass to store things, hah!

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