1930’s light fixture

17 Dec

I am a sucker for an antique light fixture. I just love ’em. Light fixtures always draw my attention in historic homes and they are the one thing I obsessed over when I built my bungalow-inspired house (now sold) almost 7 years ago. The more ornate or interesting or different…the better.  My favorite catalog in the whole, wide world is the Rejuvenation catalog. OMG, the most amazing (and ‘spensive, plant your money tree NOW before you go to the Rejuvenation website) vintage-inspired light fixtures ever.  I bought several fixtures for that house from Rejuvenation and they were gorgeous. If you are looking for great fixtures, that is the place! Obviously, the ideal would have been to buy vintage ones. But they can be hard to come by, in my experience, and often need rewiring, etc.

My ex-husband has been renting a house that he recently bought. In this house hung a SPECTACULAR pendant-style fixture from the 1930’s, which his landlady–a vintage buff like myself–had found somewhere and hung in kitchen/den area. The house was a 1950’s ranch style and so the fixture didn’t really go with the age and style of the house, but it was a totally great fixture, so I could not blame the owner for using it. 001
When my ex bought the house, he said that he and his girlfriend would be painting and changing out the light fixtures, including the vintage one I had been coveting. I asked him if I could have it, and he said okay. A few months went by and I forgot about it. But, when I went to pick up my kids last night, it was waiting for me. He had replaced it with generic white track lighting from Lowe’s.


I said to my ex, as I thanked him, “Don’t you think this fixture is even a LITTLE bit amazing?” He didn’t hesitate, “No. Not even a little. But if you sell it for $1,000, I want half.”  Okay, possibly my ex does not miss my extreme enthusiasm for awesome vintage stuff.

BUT are you kidding me? I’m totally not selling it. I never see fixtures for sale in this condition, or FOR FREE! It is in perfect shape–the green paint is beautiful with the gold. It will be spectacular in a powder room or as a chandelier over a tub. Or in an entryway. Since it holds three bulbs, it will cast a good amount of light, too.  I love this fixture. I will hang it up in my room at the retirement home, people. (And I will probably have to take down some track lighting to do it.) xoxo, LaurenT

Track lighting, schmack lighting

Track lighting, schmack lighting



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