Estate sale update, end-of-the-year style

15 Dec

Here are a few more things from an estate sale last week. A couple more refrigerator dishes, including one with a pretty blue lid, another green glass juicer and a milk glass nut/candy dish.
Today, the Mister scored the motherload of suit jackets and sweaters in his size at a Family Tree sale at a house in Brentwood but there was nothing to be found for the shop. Ah, well. Sue at Family Tree told me that it was their last sale until January and I was like…whew! Thank you for not having any more sales that I should go to for a few weeks!

Seriously, y’all…I have been hitting the estate sale circuit hard since July and a break from lining up early and sorting through dead people’s houses is looking pretty good. Because I sell mainly “smalls” as opposed to furniture, I have to keep inventory coming in and going out at a pretty good clip to be profitable. The good news is that I have been profitable so far, every month. I’m not getting rich AT ALL, but I have paid rent and have made a teensy profit above my costs every month that I have been in business (which, to date, I have put back into inventory…please don’t think I am buying moonpies and pennywhistles because yeah, notsomuch).

I’m sharing this because people tend to be curious about the antique reseller business and because, well, it looks like profit-effin’-city if you are a Junk Gypsy or an American Picker. And the reality is not as glamorous AT ALL. Not that I’m not having a great time–believe me, I am. But finding great junk that you can resell at a great price…y’all, it is tedious, it is competitive and it is tricky. Fortunately for me, I have worked in retail, software marketing and non-profit fundraising. So, I am totally okay with driving long distances, throwing elbows, sorting through piles of stuff, carrying heavy things, talking to crazy people, asking for deals and making no money.

As the year comes to an end, I am very grateful to everyone who has made that possible. Thank you for reading along, for friending Apron Strings on Facebook, for buying things, for visiting the booth or sharing my link with your friends. Thank you for your support and encouragement–it has meant more than you know!

I am working on plans for the new year, and since January and February are notoriously slow months for selling, I hope to have a little time to gear up. Look for an actual Apron Strings logo sign above the booth in the next few months, courtesy of Santa Claus aka The Mister and his lovely mother, Ms. Shirley. I’m also contemplating an expansion, and over the next year, applying to a few local vendor markets. The Mister and I will also be shopping for a house…and you know how much I love a dilapidated old wreck with a knotty pine kitchen! (The Mister, notsomuch.) When we find the house of my dreams–and please let there be a turquoise stove there–you will be along for the ride. There are a lot more adventures to come! xoxo, LaurenT


One Response to “Estate sale update, end-of-the-year style”

  1. reretro December 15, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    totally looking forward to posts on you renovating your new home….and i hope it has a turquoise stove too! edwina

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