Ebay is expensive (and possums are terrifying)

3 Dec

Hey, y’all? Remember the syrup jug that I was coveting, that was up for auction on Ebay and the bidding had made it up to $87? Last night that auction ended at a price of….wait for it…


$482. Somebody with a MONEY TREE bought my syrup jug. That’s $482 ‘MERICAN DOLLARS. I know, right?? I mean, this is a rare piece but this price is way out of line with the prices of every other piece in the set. Just nuts.

In other news, this magazine has an article about vintage Pyrex. It’s actually a pretty small article and all of the info is already available on popular Pyrex websites so I will save you the trouble of buying the magazine (you’re welcome). But if you want to buy any vintage Pyrex, I am totally your hook-up. ALL of it costs significantly less than $482 (you’re welcome for that, too.)

Look in the upper left corner

Look in the upper left corner

I would not normally buy this magazine because the Mister and I are not Hobby Farmers. Unless you count the gigantic urban possum that we spotted strolling through our neighbor’s yard this morning. I had been pooh-poohing the Mister’s insistence that leaving our Halloween pumpkins in a corner of the yard to rot would attract skunks…and here was a huge possum that was just as big as either of my dogs, just proving me wrong.  Ugh. And he was out in broad daylight. Probably because the rabies was confusing his internal time clock. And now I am scared to go into my yard. I hope that your Monday is better than mine. xoxo, LaurenT


2 Responses to “Ebay is expensive (and possums are terrifying)”

  1. Lisa December 7, 2012 at 3:16 am #

    $482?!? THAT IS THE WORST PRICE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Supplanted in the ebay hall of shame only by these $200 + Fleetwood Mac vintage t-shirt auctions I keep getting shouldered out of. Also, were you asking about a cuckoo clock at the Family Tree sale today? I ironically enough see even WORSE in my spectacles, which I was obliged to wear this morning– should’ve just risked saying hello to a stranger if not!

    • apronstringsvintage December 7, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

      It is seriously the worst.price.ever. That person better plan to be buried with that syrup jug, is all I am saying. Yep, that was me at the Crieve Hall sale with the cuckoo clock. I felt like it would be weird to come up to you and be all “Hey, remember me? Here I am again!” Yes, social skills are totally what I am known for. Except…not. :/

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