Everybody goes to the Porter Flea

2 Dec

A couple of times a year, there’s a super-hip craft festival at Marathon Motor Works in Nashville called the Porter Flea. If you are from Nashville, you are reading this and thinking, well, duh.  Because you were there. Because everyone goes. I had never been, but after everyone local blogged about the last flea and how much they liked it, I started following it on Facebook and even considered applying to be a vendor.  There were a couple of vintage booths and I think that there could be more to balance out all of the screenprinting and stationary booths.

porterflea (2)

There was a huge line for the Flea, and we almost turned around and left. But the Mister agreed to check out Antique Archaology with me first–it is in the Marathon building, and we had never been before.

porterflea3 (2)

A lot of bloggers do “outfit posts”….what I am wearing is pretty typical of my everyday uniform. Jeans, cami, cardi, scarf, Enid bag.  Sometimes I wear skinny jeans and tall boots, but the sweater/scarf is pretty much standard. I would love to be a creative dresser but I’m pretty conservative. Plus, becoming self-employed sort of killed my clothing budget.

porterflea4 (2)

It turns out Mike Wolf was in the store yesterday! I get very nervous when I have the opportunity to meet famous people, which in Nashville happens all the time. That isn’t bragging or exaggeration, and I don’t seek them out. They are just EVERYWHERE.  We went to a show at 3rd and Lindsley two weeks ago to go to a Time Jumpers show and there were Vince Gill and Amy Grant. And Ranger Doug. All this celebrity-encountering is a little stressful if you are simultaneously fascinated by celebrities and completely terrified to actually say hi. Mike Wolf was very nice, though, and exactly how he is on TV.  Antique Archaology is full of stuff from Mike’s personal collection and merchandise (t-shirts, koozies, etc.) that promote the TV show, but it seemed a little light on antiques for sale.  Still, it is very cool and if you are visiting Nashville, you should go. Bang Candy is right next door and has coffee and other stuff so it is worth the trip.


The flea was super-crowded and we didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to go, and it would be a great place to take Apron Strings Vintage if I ever want to try my hand at a craft fair, and if I were accepted as a vendor (I suspect that competition is fierce!). We didn’t stay long because we’d spent hours that morning at a Silver Lace auction in Clarksville, where I came away with a single primary-colored Pyrex bowl set and a few tins (for which I paid too much, of course). Hope your weekend has been good! xoxo, LaurenT



2 Responses to “Everybody goes to the Porter Flea”

  1. raesock December 7, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    i was out of town, but i heard that most of the stuff at porter flea was the same stuff at the previous one. which is a bummer. you should apply for sure! they really do need to bring in a little more variety. i’ve been to the previous 3 and some of the booths are exactly the same every time.

    • apronstringsvintage December 7, 2012 at 11:32 pm #

      That is good to know about the previous 3. I don’t know if I qualify with just vintage stuff but I know that my things would appeal to people who go to the Porter Flea. I wonder about maybe finding someone to partner with to bring in a handmade element…

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