New Enid!

19 Nov

Look what I got…all the way from Arizona! A few weeks ago, the fabulous owner of No. 11 Resale, also known as my friend Nikki in Cave Creek, texted me to let me know that she found 2 Enid Collins bags and did I want them? One of them wasn’t so much my style but this beauty definitely was. Isn’t it great?

Nikki and I both started doing the vintage resale/antique mall booth thing this past summer–she in AZ and me in TN, without either of us knowing that the other one was going into the business.

We met about 16 years ago because I got a job (my first job out of college!) selling classified advertising for the New Times weekly newspaper in Phoenix, where Nikki also worked. It was kind of a terrible job but an epic place to make friends.

And now, after many years and many different jobs/career path twists for both of us…Nikki and I are doing exactly the same job yet again. Except this time we are creating our own businesses. I really can’t tell y’all how far that is from our days of sitting in little cubicles wearing phone headsets and selling classified advertising, but I am SO PROUD of us.

Y’all should check out her Facebook page and if you are in the AZ area, go see No. 11! If I still lived there, it would be dangerous because I would spend all my profits buying things from her booth. Love ya, Nik, thanks for the bag– xoxo, LaurenT


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