More than just squirrel

22 Oct

While the taxidermied squirrel was certainly the funniest and most awesome thing I found this weekend, it wasn’t the only thing. The Mister and I went to another auction and it was a pretty good time. If you like paying too much for vintage Pyrex, that is, and YOU KNOW I DO.

Fun fact: I do not have a good history with auctions. My former husband had to ban me from them after I got tipsy at an auction and bought him not only a set of golf clubs (note: just because he never plays golf didn’t mean he couldn’t start! It’s a lifetime sport, people.) but a brand new bicycle (he actually hated biking).

And then I got divorced and met the Mister, and I was totally free to go to auctions again! Whereupon I immediately acquired a full-length mink coat.

So…I am a bit of a wild card in an auction situation. I am a quick decision-maker under normal circumstances, but the excitement of bidding takes that up a notch and I am pretty likely to walk out of an auction with anything. The one thing that is consistent? I tend to overpay. Because I like to win! It’s not my fault that winning at auctions is expensive.

At this auction, I got several things, but mostly glassware, including a swanky acid-green chip and dip set. I also got the remaining 3 bowls of a primary-colored Pyrex set, which means that I have a set for sale back in the booth (Christmas is coming, people, put this on your list!) and three pieces of a green 1970’s era Pyrex refrigerator box set, which is SUPER cute and in mint condition. The glass refrigerator boxes are a 4-box set–I had the remaining little one in the booth already! I love making up whole sets.

Speaking of refrigerator boxes, have you traded in your old spaghetti-stained Rubbermaid containers in for vintage refrigerator boxes yet? If you haven’t and you want to, I have a TON of them in stock right now.

But, I didn’t just buy glassware (and a squirrel). These two weathered mushrooms are sadly without a matching garden gnome, but I couldn’t resist their Alice-in-Wonderland charm.  Wouldn’t they be great outside of a child’s playhouse?

Ernesto thinks so. Happy Monday! xoxo, LaurenT


One Response to “More than just squirrel”

  1. raesockrae October 22, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    we’ve been to one auction and i overpaid for three things! it is just too exciting and you have such a short time to decide. i loved it, but i don’t know if i can make it a regular thing.
    i loooooooove those mushrooms! Seriously, i carried them around that sale for a LONG time but i spent too much money and a few things had to go back. I’m glad you got them! I hope someone gives them a loving home. I’m also very jealous of that squirrel! I would have snatched that up in a heartbeat!

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