The early bird gets the squirrel!

20 Oct

So, the Mister got me up bright and early to go to a living estate sale in Dickson, TN. We were the first ones there, and the first thing I saw was this awesome taxidermied squirrel. Of course, I snatched him up but the estate sale staffers informed me that they thought that the homeowner had put him in the pile of things that she did not want to sell. I was so bummed! He was the perfect compliment to the taxidermied bass that I bought this summer that is STILL unsold in my booth (hang in there, Claude! You’ll get a forever home soon, little buddy!).

The Mister and I asked them if they were absolutely sure, and they insisted that he was not for sale. Boo. So, I shopped around and found some things including some Pyrex nesting bowls to match the orange casseroles that are in the booth right now. After awhile, the homeowner emerged from the house and came over to the barn where everything was displayed for sale. The Mister is absolutely not known for one thing and that is letting an opportunity pass him by, so he made the estate sale people ask her if the squirrel was really, really not for sale. “Oh, that?” she responded, “I think I’ve looked at THAT for long enough!”

What the heck? Maybe she had, but I sure hadn’t! Don’t you think he looks like an Ernesto? I do.

Happy Saturday–xoxo, LaurenT


2 Responses to “The early bird gets the squirrel!”

  1. rae October 25, 2012 at 4:52 am #

    i had to come back and look at this guy again! i’m so bummed i missed out on a squirrel! such a good find!

    • apronstringsvintage October 25, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

      Ernesto is tough to resist! He’s in the booth but I will totally make you a deal on him if you want him. He needs to go to a home that appreciates his squirrel-ish charm!

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