16 Oct

Remember how excited I was to find a Caro-Nan basket bag, and how I said that I was thinking of collecting them? In case you were wondering if I was going to wait around on something like that? The answer is pretty much never.

Look at what I found at my antique mall in someone else’s booth for the low, low price of $10? Another Caro-Nan, made in 1965, made for the Florida-based store, The Elaine Shop.  I was thrilled and snapped it right up! Clearly, the seller didn’t check the value of these bags on the internet (they are valued between $20-$100, and this one is an early example in excellent condition, so it should be priced on the higher end of this spectrum). I guess she/he didn’t think a lot of her chances of selling it so she/he priced it low.  And by that I mean, she probably thought it was seriously church-lady, 1960’s fugly. (Some people think that’s bad. I KNOW, what the heck??)

This kind of thing happens, sometimes. As a dealer, sometimes you price something based on your own taste instead of doing your research. This dealer probably wondered who on earth would want this weird, painted box bag that says “Happiness is” and “the gay, glamorous way…” on the lid?? Well, sure, ME, but who else? Yeah…I don’t actually have any idea. On Sunday, I did have a teenager compliment me on my other one, though. Believe it, people. An actual teenager. I’m, like, 95% sure she wasn’t being sarcastic, either.

Look at the gingham elephant…isn’t he cute? I am so super-excited to have two of these bags. They are more casual than the super-sparkly Enid Collins handbags that I also collect. Sometimes it is probably wise to take the grandma-style glam down a notch. These are more “country casual grandma”. Which is also delightful, in my opinion. Happy collecting!! xoxo, LaurenT


One Response to “Collecting!”

  1. HG October 16, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    Oh I love love love it.

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