Estate sale bore & score

13 Oct

So, I took my wonderful almost-13-year-old son with me to an estate sale in Mt. Juliet, TN this morning. He usually is a real good sport, but waking up early enough to be first in line was not his idea of a super-great Saturday morning. And we HAD to be first. Because the Mister spotted three Enid Collins-looking handbags in one of the pictures of the sale on the advertisement. Enid at estate sale prices?? Bring it on, baby. I am NOT known for finding deals on Enid bags. I am more…known for paying way too much. Yeah.

Does this boy look bored? He shouldn’t, because he has an Iphone and his mother pays his bill every single month.

So, the sale…it was in a gated community, and when we got there, the gate was shut tight. I waited around for another car to come in and I followed quickly behind. I did not feel super-good about breaking into a gated community but I had been thinking about those handbags for two weeks. To quote Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights, epic movie), if you’re not first, you’re last.

It was good that I WAS first, because my haul was kind of epic and all half-priced. First off, two Betty Crocker cookbooks. These seem to sell in the booth and look good displayed with kitchen things. I thought that the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 20th anniversary (1924-44) Who’s Who guide was pretty cool, too. It is full of cool bios and tells the height and weight of all the actors at MGM, including Lucille Ball and Katherine Hepburn.

I also liked the red lunchbox with the ’50s-era graphics of athetic figures. But the real find was the four lunch boxes, all of which contain the original thermoses and lids! There’s an ET from 1982, a Holly Hobby, a Bionic Woman and a Mork and Mindy.  I usually do NOT buy things from any later than the early 1970s, and only if they have serious kitsch appeal…but these are the lunchboxes of my youth! Seriously, Holly Hobby and Mork and Mindy? WITH the thermoses? I could not grab them fast enough.

Now, my son’s favorite movie of all time is ET. So, he grudgingly admitted that finding vintage movie merchandise was kind of cool, especially when I showed him the Ebay value of this lunch box. I still had to buy him Krispy Kreme, though.

This is a pretty good estate sale haul. BUT WAIT, there’s more! I was there for Enid, right? Well, the Enid search turned up 3 Collins of Texas bags. 2 were in SAD shape. The owner must have loved them to death, because they looked worn out. But the third, a Pavan in autumnal colors….she must never have carried it, because it was mint-condition and $15. I got it for $8, though and let me tell you, my terrible record of overpaying is WASHED AWAY with this deal. This bag is also nice because the handles are slightly longer than my other Collins of Texas bag and I can wear it on my shoulder.  Did you notice the other beauty in this picture? THAT, my friends, is a Caro-Nan basket bag.

The Caro-Nan company was a Jackson, Mississippi-based contemporary of Enid Collins. In business from the ’60s-’80’s, Caro-Nan created hand-painted basket handbags which were sold in dress shops in the South. They are signed under the lid, and each one features a penny glued to the top. They have varying scenes and themes. This one is PERFECT for me because the village scene painted on the bottom features places from San Antonio, TX, the home of my alma mater, Trinity University. Seriously, I love this bag so hard and I am going to be on the lookout for more. If you want to see a nice selection of Caro-Nans, search for Caro-Nan on Etsy. Unlike Enid Collins bags, they are available for very reasonable prices! Apparently Country Living featured them awhile back so they are more collectable than they used to be, but are still at a lower price point than the Enids.

So, this sale was a bore for my son (what isn’t? 12-year-olds are haters and haters gonna hate), but I scored some awesome stuff. Hope your Saturday is going great, too! xoxo, LaurenT


2 Responses to “Estate sale bore & score”

  1. Raesock October 14, 2012 at 2:34 am #

    amazing! if i were there, i would have FOUGHT you for that ET lunchbox! haha, even though I already have one. I don’t have the thermos though!

  2. apronstringsvintage October 14, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    Ha! I have no real interest in the ET; but it’s my son’s very favorite movie of all time! He is a HUGE movie buff. Right now, he is obsessed with The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Moonrise Kingdom. If Blake didn’t want it, I would be happy to hand it over to you. I paid $10! The lunchboxes made me a little sad, actually. Some sweet mama kept them all these years, with every thermos piece intact. They were all carefully labeled with her children’s names, and even the address where they had lived, in case they were lost. There were very few children’s items…but she probably had some nice memories tied to those and hated to part with them. I swear, estate sales break my heart sometimes! FYI: my personal holy grail of vintage lunchboxes would be the Donny and Marie Osmond lunchbox I carried in the first grade. I will find it someday!

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