Estate Sale Update

12 Oct

Now that the weather has turned chilly, it’s a little tougher to get psyched up to line up an hour before opening time at estate sales! But, it’s still fun. I always get to talk to nice people in line, and it’s always fun to see what other dealers/collectors are in the market for. So, want to see what I got at today’s Green Hills sale?

Another cake tin. What the heck is wrong with me? I’ve sold ONE, and I have three in the booth. This brings me back up to four. I have a problem, apparently. This one was totally overpriced, even. Oy! Nothing to be done. Spot the green bowl in the back? That’s the second-largest bowl in a primary-colored 4-bowl Pyrex set. Remember how I told you that I collect random pieces of this set when I find them to make up new, complete sets? This is the second piece of my third set…the Mister and I found the large, yellow bowl last week.  As of today, both of the previous sets have sold. One went today, when a couple of set dressers dropped by my booth in need of era-specific props. They must have had a big budget, because they bought $75 Jadite salt-and-pepper shakers from another booth. Lots of videos, and some TV and movies are filmed locally, so you just never know! Speaking of, I still need to watch the first episode of “Nashville.” And…speaking of jadite, I found two more pieces at this sale. The prices were actually very reasonable…there is one estate sale company in particular that prices their jadite SKY HIGH. I’m going to be polite and not name names, but all the cookies, lemonade and 10% off discount codes don’t make up the difference.

Here’s some of the rest. The toy sewing machine is not pictured well here, but they are super-great collectables if you are a sewing enthusiast and this one actually works. A little crank makes it go…so sweet! I also got a tourists’ guide to Glasgow, Scotland (where I have visited) that is circa 1939…some Double Cola shakers, an alarm clock, an AWESOME train case–it’s a beautiful shade of green and in fantastic shape, an alarm clock and a Carnation Powdered milk jar. And the milk glass salt-and-peppers with the windmills. Those almost stayed home with me and didn’t make it to the booth, I confess!

By the time I made it to the Christmas tables, I was overloaded with glassware (heavy!) and not in the mood. I grabbed this tabletop Santa blow-mold (my 4th…), the gift box, an empty card box with nice graphics and headed to the check-out. I have two full Rubbermaid tubs of Christmas stuff for the booth in my basement, just WAITING for November. If I can ever sell some Pyrex casseroles (unlikely, what is wrong with you people? Thanksgiving is COMING), I will have room to set it out.

The thing that was tough about this sale was that there were two lines; one for the house and one for the basement.  It was clear to me from the pictures that a lot of stuff that they had in the house would be of interest to me and it was; I got all of it plus more. That is always satisfying. However, the basement didn’t photograph well in their listing, and as it turns out, there was much more stuff there that I could have used and at better prices. I got four things there; some are not pictured because I hadn’t cleaned the basement grime off of them yet. And the basement was both dark and grimy…but full of good stuff, most of it picked out by other dealers. One of them remarked to me when I finally got to the basement, “You should have come here first.” Well, it’s a tough choice, but in the end, I did get what I planned to get.  And, I’m pleased with my haul, which is all cleaned, priced and in the booth.

Now we are off to the Mister’s softball game…go Fightin’ Marconis! xoxo, Lauren T


One Response to “Estate Sale Update”

  1. rae October 12, 2012 at 4:15 am #

    you got some really great stuff! i didn’t go out last weekend, but i need to make it out this one! i love that blow mold santa. i can never resist those!

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