Pyrex for Fall

3 Oct

Did your mom have a set of Pyrex baking dishes? Mine did, and I bet she still does. Mother had the standard Cornflower blue pattern, which is a white Pyrex pattern with a spray of blue flowers. This is a super-common pattern, available at grocery stores and K-marts…so common that I don’t buy or collect it, personally. I like the older, more colorful patterns. Did you know that a set of the primary-colored nesting bowls was used on I Love Lucy? And an aqua snowflake casserole appears on an episode of Mad Men? You can find lots of information and fun facts like that at, a really great site for identifying and learning more about vintage Pyrex.  The one thing about collecting that you absolutely should know is that you really should never put your vintage Pyrex in the dishwasher. I know, I know…you probably put everything in the dishwasher! A few times won’t hurt, right? Wrong. I ruined a set of Glasbake dishes (a Pyrex competitor) by sticking them in the dishwasher one too many times, so I have witnessed this first-hand. Dishwasher detergent does a really good job compared to the dish soaps of yesterday, and combined with very hot water, it is too harsh on the old, baked-on finishes that you see on vintage Pyrex. It creates a weird, frosted-sort of dullness on the finish…and there is no fixing it once that happens!

Pretty much any vintage dishware with decals or a baked-on, colored finish is not dishwasher-safe. I actually handwash all my dishes; the dishwasher gets no use at all at our house. I think it’s kind of a good chore–contemplative and relaxing–and because I do smaller loads more frequently, I don’t have to put as many dishes away at once. It saves water, too. I know that this seems impractical, but I do have kids and I cook most meals, including breakfast, so I know how many dishes a household generates, and I still manage it with the help of the Mister. But I really do use a lot of vintage dishes on a daily basis…plus vintage silver, which also shouldn’t go into the dishwasher (but should be polished…mine is awful!).

Lots of Pyrex in the booth right now, waiting for people to take it home for their Thanksgiving tables. At least, I hope that is what will happen! xoxo, Lauren T


One Response to “Pyrex for Fall”

  1. raesock October 3, 2012 at 1:51 am #

    i learned the no dishwasher thing for vintage dishes the hard way. i have lost some great vintage cups that way.

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