New Enid for fall!

28 Sep

Old lady handbag alert! Meet the very most mint condition Collins of TX bag I have ever laid my eyes on, courtesy of Ebay and a seller in El Mirage, AZ. It looks like it has NEVER been carried and the colors are neutral enough to go with most anything. It seriously looks like I just pulled it off the shelf of a 1960/70’s-era Neiman Marcus store (where the bags were originally sold!). I made a lowball offer, thinking that the seller wouldn’t accept, but was pleased that she did. Not one jewel is missing, not one stain…and the handles are natural leather so they don’t have any cracks. That is my pet peeve about the handles on my white bags; the white leather tends to crack due to the age.

I had quit carrying my summer Enid bags after Labor Day because I still observe the no-white-shoes/handbags past that date rule. But now I can gleefully resume carrying an inappropriately glitzy old lady handbag to my usual haunts, and by that I mean school pick-up, Kroger and estate sales.  This is actually a Collins of TX bag, which means that it dates to the time after Enid sold the company to the Tandy corp., but I like it as well as the earlier bags. I’m not a very discerning collector, I guess.

This seriously needs to be the last Enid-style bag I buy for a long time…but I confess that there is a wooden box bag at another booth at my antique mall (Gas Lamp Too) that is taunting me. I can generally ignore temptation on the Ebay (most of the time) but it’s harder when I have to walk by an Enid bag–that I don’t own! And could own!–every time I want to go to my booth.  So, we’ll see if I hold out long enough for someone to snap it up.

Have a great weekend! xoxo, Lauren T.


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