Inglewood Estate Sale

27 Sep

I love the Inglewood neighborhood. I hope that the Mister and I find a house to buy here eventually. If we do, I will be in close proximity to awesome estate sales like the one this morning.  This estate sale was held in a small house, and the folks running it (Family Tree Estate Sales) advertised that they were only letting in 25 people at a time to prevent crowding. So, I planned to get there early. Well, I ALWAYS plan to get to estate sales early and I ALWAYS arrive at, like, 7:45 for an 8:00 start time. Which is not even close to early enough and especially not for this sale.

Even though I arrived at a record (for me!) 7:20 a.m., I ended up being #28…and not in the first group. And you would think that standing in line for 40 minutes would be boring, but the estate sale crowd is friendly and I always find someone to talk to. It’s really nice to be in the company of people who are just as geeked to be poking through a dead person’s junk (wait, does that sound wrong?) as you are.  I got in a conversation with a guy who, as it turns out, is the son of a lady I’ve met at Gas Lamp Too who has a booth adjacent to mine. She had been telling me about her kids just the day before! He was looking for old snow sleds for a project. What is interesting is that people in line always seem a bit worried that everyone at the estate sale is out for the same stuff that they think is cool, but there isn’t as much overlap as you’d think.  The girl standing next to me was totally hoping that she would get the vintage hats that she came for, and I was wondering if someone else would grab the Pyrex before me…

Once they let the first 25 in, they told the rest of us that we could start shopping the stuff they had piled outside, which were things that they had found in the garage. This turned out well…I got a red wagon (to use at the flea market!), a 1950’s tin flower basket, two enamel refrigerator dishes, a wooden crate and a concrete planter.  And thank goodness I had the wagon to haul the planter back to my car, because I didn’t really have a plan for that, and estate sale staffers won’t help you load anything for liability reasons.

I also got an awesome handmade tool box, and other kitchen stuff. They had advertised that you couldn’t bring in boxes to carry things around in, but I brought my foldable basket anyway, hoping that they would let it slip, and they did, which was great because it made shopping a TON easier than the bags or plastic box that I had used in the past. Seriously, if you shop estate sales, get a foldable basket. I could manuever easily thorough a tiny, crowded house with that basket FULL of breakable stuff. I also met some other Nashville vintage bloggers, which was super-fun. And then I took my dusty, estate-sale-dirt-covered self to Green Hills for Pure Barre, where I was the scruffiest person in class (note: this is actually not unusual.)

Hope your Thursday was good, too! xoxo–Lauren T.



One Response to “Inglewood Estate Sale”

  1. rae October 2, 2012 at 6:00 am #

    you got some great stuff! i love that flower basket! i wish I had brought my basket! Carrying that huge box around was such a pain!
    how funny, the girl who wanted to hats was my friend too! I didn’t even know she was in town that day, but I should have known she would be at that sale.

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