September Flea Market Haul

21 Sep

Today was a really good, busy day at the flea market. I did well with the Pyrex and got very good prices…the yellow bowl was an especially satisfying find. It’s from the 4-pc mixing bowl set that has yellow, green, red and blue nesting bowls. This set is popular and the price is correspondingly high, but I collect single bowls when I find them for cheap and build the set that way…there is one in my booth now!  I have the blue bowl and now the yellow…just two more to go on this set. It is fun to hunt for them. I also got a nice set of avocado green patterned nesting bowls and another spare in great shape. Also, the adorable Home Sweet Home embroidery, which will either be re-framed or made into a pillow, and the tablecloth. Oh, and the tin tray. Because I have a tray addiction problem…I can’t resist them, and this one is precious.

The red folding basket is also a flea market purchase…I have been searching and searching for one because they are incredibly handy to take into an estate sale. They hold breakables nicely, but they are open so the estate sale staff can see that you aren’t trying to squirrel things away in a shifty manner.  It also folds down and is very lightweight…and the lady who sold it to me monogrammed it for me in 30 minutes with my new, married-lady monogram in my Apron Strings colors. Very fun!

Tomorrow the Mister and I are off to pick up another Craigslist deal…lots more Pyrex. My booth is going to be overflowing with Pyrex at this rate, although there are several pieces that I would love to keep!

These lovelies will look great in the booth, and several of these colors would look fantastic on a Thanksgiving table!  I use vintage Pyrex for baking, cooking and food storage every day.

I hope that you have a great weekend, whether you are estate-sale-ing, treasure-hunting, or just enjoying the pretty fall weather! xoxo–Lauren T


2 Responses to “September Flea Market Haul”

  1. rae September 22, 2012 at 3:32 am #

    i use a basket like that at every estate sales! i forgot it ONCE and regretted it. so handy! I got only a few tiny things at the flea market today. i only had an hour to look. I might go back tomorrow!
    and what a nice bunch of pyrex! i use mine every day too. i love it!

    • apronstringsvintage September 23, 2012 at 1:44 am #

      This folding basket is seriously my new favorite thing! I’m going to hit the flea again tomorrow and see if the last-day deals are any good…
      Pyrex is so great. I do all my dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher anyway, so I use it for everything. It just makes me happy! My favorite things are the refrigerator boxes. I got a little yellow one with this buy that I am totally keeping.

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