Our state fair is a great state fair…

16 Sep

I mean, it’s not as good as the Texas State Fair. Because, Big Tex, that’s why. And it’s not as good as the Arizona State Fair, because Navajo tacos are the most epic fair food of all time. If you aren’t from AZ or NM, you might not know what a Navajo taco is. I think food trucks are overrated in general but I would support a Navajo taco truck big-time. Take note, Navajos.

But, it is a pretty nice little fair and thanks to my hours spent on the fairgrounds at the monthly flea market, I know my way around.  My kids rode all of the rickety-looking rides, and the Mister and I even went along for the ferris wheel. Which is terrifying, because there are no seat belts and these tiny doors that have a big gap in the middle where your child could just fall out. I spent the ride in a state of  hyper-awareness that the whole enterprise was built by a meth-head carnie, periodically admonishing my daughter, “Keep your butt on the seat!”. I mean, I want the rides to be fun. But the whole thing is so sketchy.

This fair boasted pig races, which were kind of cute in a hokey way. Also, pigs, like most people I know, are highly motivated by Oreo cookies. We didn’t stay long enough to see the Gypsy Vanner horse show tonight, although I chatted with one of the owners and it sounds like Gypsy Vanners are awesome. We also pet some tiny burros that a lady had brought to promote her business of renting them out for children’s parties. They were super-sweet and very cute…like big dogs, almost.

My daughter was tall enough for more rides this year and could also ride several all by herself. Her favorite? The kiddie “NASCAR” ride…which she rode three time in succession. My own little Ricky Bobby.

It was a beautiful, sunny day…and a good one to take off from estate sales, because next week’s look a lot more promising than this week’s listings, and the flea market will be really good this month.

Hope your Saturday was great! xoxo–Lauren T


4 Responses to “Our state fair is a great state fair…”

  1. sarahjohnson210 September 17, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Hah! I read that sentence at you pet some “burritos” and I was so confused about how and why you would do something like that.

  2. rae September 17, 2012 at 6:54 pm #

    next year you should go to the wilson county fair! it is WAY better than the state fair. lots more animals and agriculture and a historic village and shows.

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