Labor Day Update

3 Sep

I’m trying to stick to a budget this month so I’ve resisted picking up the new issue of Flea Market style (even though I can deduct it! Business expense, right?). This month, they are featuring the home of one of my longtime favorite bloggers, Piewacket (  Her photography and personal decorating style are amazing, and she is the owner of a turquoise Smeg refrigerator, which I covet. The photos are also on her blog, so if you don’t manage to pick up a copy (or if magazines are not part of your budget…sigh.sigh.sigh), you can still see them for free.

The grand opening weekend of Gas Lamp Too was a big success. Apparently Southerners really cannot resist a potluck, because the mall did very well for the weekend and I have to admit that when I went in to tidy up my booth today, I was shocked by how much was gone. The tiki bar sold, the tin ceiling tile, 3 refrigerator boxes and a refrigerator pitcher, the little gnomes, aprons, linens, the GooGoo cluster box…lots of stuff! My booth rent and deposit are covered as well as September’s rent. If you went by or mentioned the opening to anyone, thank you very much!

This means I will need to restock…I’ll add this super-sweet little metal doll bed tomorrow. It’s sized perfectly for an American Girl doll and is cuter than the repro they sell with their Kit Kittredge doll. Some mama needs to buy it for herImage little girl! Hope your Labor Day is good…mine has been quiet but really nice. xoxo-Lauren


4 Responses to “Labor Day Update”

  1. Shirley Turcotte September 4, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    Good Morning Lauren…Speaking of turquoise refrig. When we built our home in 1955, all
    the appliances, including a built-in-oven, were turquoise. Never tired of them. Then in l982 we re-decorated the kitchen and went almond. Congrats on your Grand Opening..Shirley

    • apronstringsvintage September 4, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

      Awww…I bet that turquoise 1955-era kitchen was something else! And thank you very much re: the grand opening…it certainly went better than I anticipated.

  2. Shirley Turcotte September 4, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    Lauren…..One more note: Love the doll crib…I still have my doll crib, which is a rocking
    maple crib. The girls loved playing with it when they came to Grammy’s. Right now it
    is stored in my living-room closet. I can see it will have a good home later down the line.
    Some little girl will like it…Shirley

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