Pot Luck

29 Aug

ImageWell, exciting times are upcoming at the antique mall if you like potluck events. Fun fact: I am apparently the only person in the South who does NOT appreciate a potluck. I have lived here for 12 years and have conducted extensive research. I assure you, everyone loves potlucks but me. The event is called our Fall Fiesta, and the antique mall authorities are providing beans and rice and the dealers have been asked to provide side dishes and desserts. Okay, it’s an antique mall and not a church basement, yes? It seems weird to eat a Mexican-themed buffet in an antique mall. Is it just me? But, If you do like vintage stuff AND potlucks, or if you could overlook the potluck element, please feel free to show up on Saturday at 128 Powell Place in Nashville.

And the reason I hate potlucks? I used to live in a town where literally every social event was a potluck. I can count on ONE HAND the number of times in 12 years that I was invited to someone’s house without being told to bring a “covered dish.” Unless the University was catering, and even then you would be told that a dessert would be appreciated and to bring a bottle of wine.  Any party that you were invited to had an opportunity cost of coming up with an idea for a fancy dish to share, shopping for it and then preparing it. This was, of course, is in addition to the obligatory large bottle of Yellow Tail that one would be bringing. One birthday potluck famously instructed the invitees to bring a covered dish, a bottle of wine AND CHAIRS. Plus you were on the hook for a card/gift for the birthday honoree. People, if I have to pack up food, beverages, a card/gift AND BRING MY OWN CHAIRS? I love you but you’re not throwing a party. I am, just in your house.

Plus I am insanely competitive regarding potlucks. I can’t EVER bring myself to be the person who shows up with a bag of chips (never with dip, just chips). Not gonna lie, I am the person who unfailingly shows up with something fancy who shoots dirty looks at the chip-bringer. Or the person who brought a whole watermelon. Just a watermelon. Not cut up, no serving bowl/platter. Seriously?? You’re just expecting your hostess to prep that for you? See, it still makes me crazy…

This is also why I can no longer participate in Christmas Cookie Exchanges. Because somebody always shows up with those sad Pillsbury slice-n-bakes. And because I am a bad person who not-so-secretly admires the evil genius of Martha Stewart, I have to glare at them murderously over my piles of insane fancy cookies with handmade custom labels that took me 48 hours and a new icing press to make. Ahahahaaa…I’m kidding! That really didn’t happen. (Except every.single.time.)

ANYWAY. I’m back to estate sale-ing tomorrow and am hoping for some new treasures! Happy Wednesday!–xoxo, Lauren T


2 Responses to “Pot Luck”

  1. Shirley Turcotte August 30, 2012 at 2:20 am #

    Lauren: You must ask the Mister about the GREAT POTLUCK SUPPERS that the “Lazy Bees Camping Club” shared together on many Camp-outs….Shirley

    • apronstringsvintage August 30, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

      Shirley, no doubt he loves a potluck. Even though he’s the lo-carb king, he never met a casserole he didn’t like! hahaha

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