Antique Mall Update

25 Aug

ImageWell, this is nice! In the antique mall, there’s a display by the front entrance. As I left the other night, I noticed that MY birdcage was a part of the grouping! I was so excited/pleased to have something of mine chosen by the staff to go in the up-front display…plus, it frees up a little space for me in my own booth. The dealer meet and greet was awesome…I got to meet some really inspired and talented folks, including Jason Parker Counce…I have admired his stuff for years and have a few of his pieces…(  Today my sweet husband and I are hitting a few estate sales, but I’m over my budget for the weekend so I doubt I will get much. Yesterday’s sale was a win/lose.  I think I overpaid for a pair of blond wood 1950s end tables that I will have to refinish in order to sell (sigh. sigh. sigh)….BUT I also found a 4-feet tall 1950’s silver sparkle Christmas tree with a wooden base that will absolutely MAKE my Christmas booth display. It is seriously the kind of thing that I only see in booths (and always for jacked-up prices!) but never seem to find. And the price was crazy, rock-bottom low. That never happens! My Christmas luck has been out-of-control.

I hope you are having a great weekend so far. xoxo-Lauren


One Response to “Antique Mall Update”

  1. Shirley Turcotte August 25, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    Enjoy your “UPDATES” Lauren…Makes me feel like I am right there in Nashville
    visiting your booth. LOL Shirley

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