Flea Market Finds…

23 Aug

Ugh…WordPress cut off half of this post when I hit enter and so now I’m going back to edit it so it will make sense. I got this framed TX tablecloth at the flea today…it’s a great 1950’s linen cloth that someone had custom framed. Hope someone at the antique mall loves the Lone Star State as much as me!

I also got this super-awesome 1950’s retro bar. It can be wheeled around and opens up. If Don Draper had a pool party, which he can’t because he lives in a NY apartment since he got divorced from Betty, he would totally have this bar.  Some tiki collector has to buy this. The faux-grasscloth exterior is awesome and it’s in great shape. There’s a retro tiki-themed mancave somewhere that really needs this awesome bar!

It’s on wheels so you can mix drinks poolside, and then bring it inside when it rains. It also has little rings on the front for a lock so you can keep Crazy Aunt Mabel from sneaking the good stuff out of your super-cool bar.

I also got a 1940’s era doll bed, but that was it…lots and lots of dealers hadn’t even unpacked, which was not the case when I went in June–then, everyone was set up and ready to deal. This time, like I said,  it’s a little slower but still good stuff to be found.

Tomorrow I’m back at the estate sales…xoxo, Lauren


One Response to “Flea Market Finds…”

  1. jubrew August 23, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

    I LOVE the bar, and have a tiki theme going on too! I am a little jealous!:)

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