Annnnd…we’re off!

22 Aug

It looks like we’re opening on time today! As of last night, a lot of booths still looked a little undone but I bet people were able to pull it out. The mall is really big and has a lot of great new dealers…it’s really not the same old/same old! Tomorrow night is the dealer meet & greet, and I think that I will really like meeting some of the other people who do this…

As for the rest of the week, I am headed to the Nashville Flea market tomorrow as well…always super-excited about what I’ll find. The Mister got me this collapsible dolly so who knows what I can haul out of there now?? Plus the weather is so nice this week that it should be a lot easier to stay longer…I seriously got dehydrated in June when it was like, 100 degrees. The thing that I have to remember about the flea is that it’s okay to bargain. I’m so NOT a bargainer. But I think I’ve watched enough American Pickers and Pawn Stars that I’ve got the basics…even if I really don’t enjoy it.

The estate sale listings for this weekend are pretty lame; lots of downsizing and moving sales, which tend to be light on vintage treasures. Is it weird to be bummed that nobody died so I can’t buy their old stuff? Probably weird.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!




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