19 Aug

The antique mall where I have rented space (Gas Lamp Too… finally made it past all of their many and various building inspections and I’m allowed to start setting up shop.  The opening is next Wednesday, Aug. 22nd…which is pretty exciting to me! There are some amazing dealers in the mall and it’s been super-fun to see their booths get underway.  I’ve had lots of advice from neighboring vendors and that has been really helpful. I’m not totally done…and a booth is always a work-in-progress, but I have a few pictures that the Mister edited. By the way, he has been the most supportive and awesome husband ever and has done everything from lug boxes to make deals on Craigslist to help me out…It has been a fun three months shopping and collecting things to fill up the space and it’s awesome to see it all together in one place (i.e. not in boxes in the basement).

I’ve shopped antique malls since I was a kid, with my mom. Antique stores/malls have always been kind of my happy place and I have always loved to go and wander around, even when I was in college and had no money.

The idea for me to take this on started when I was really sad over how the non-profit fundraising job that I had taken on was not what I had hoped…the Mister asked me what I could do, if I could do anything. And I said that I wanted to have a booth in an antique mall. Which is about as cool as saying “I want to be a professional Star Wars re-inactor”. Okay…way less cool. IT was probably on par, coolness-wise, with the time that I had to admit to my twenty-something coworkers that I couldn’t go to the bar that weekend because I was going to Quilt Camp. Which, I totally was and it was AWESOME. (I made like, half a quilt! Come on!)

Anyway. The Mister was totally supportive, because he is like that and also he is super-entrepreneurial. My non-profit boss was kind of incredulous…as were some board members and also some now-former co-workers. I heard, “You’re quitting to do…what? But…WHY?” Because I’m almost 40. Because I can. Because apparently I don’t really value having a steady paycheck. Because I’m never going to figure out how to use Excel anyway. Because a lot of people eventually figure out what they want to do when they grow up, and if they can, WHY NOT ME?

And I would say that this whole antique booth thing is a total flippin’ long shot, but I was setting up today and some guy came up to me and told me that he knew somebody who was just dying to buy my taxidermied largemouth bass. The one that I KNEW somebody would love? And if somebody didn’t love, I was going to make wear a Santa hat at Christmas time and affectionately referred to as Claude? That one?! Possibly I am finally on the right career path, that’s all I’m saying.


4 Responses to “Preview…”

  1. Jamie August 19, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    I can’t WAIT to see your booth! When you talk about antique stores being your “happy place” I totally understand. Growing up with a house full of antiques makes you appreciate stuff like this. Growing up even more and living on a budget, yet still wanting to decorate your house in a unique way, makes you appreciate it EVEN MORE! You’re totally going to rock this…and I’m just a little bit jealous (in a good way – ha!)

  2. Lydia August 19, 2012 at 3:29 am #

    Congratulations, Lauren! I believe it’s important for all of us to follow our passions. I hope this is a fun, educational and lucrative(!) endeavor for you!

  3. Lisa August 19, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    Awesome! Best wishes in your new venture. I’d love to do something like that.

  4. Diane August 19, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    Wishing you the best of luck on this new endeavor. Thanks for posting a link to your blog on FB. I’ve saved it as a favorite and I look forward to reading about your antiquing finds and your booth. I love wandering through malls like you’re in, but certainly don’t have the eye that you do. Congrats and best wishes!

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