Nothing new…

15 Aug

At our house, we use vintage Pyrex all the time…this afternoon it was for brownies. I have excellent help, as you can see.

My antique mall booth project is in a holding pattern, as I have a ton of inventory but right now, the mall itself is waiting on a series of inspections so that they can open.

I’m using the time to paint some display shelves and to go to Pure Barre, which is a studio where Pilates/yoga/ballet barre exercise combo classes are held. The brownies are a reward for the fact that I can no longer stand up without wincing, which is better than yesterday when it actually hurt to breathe.

Tomorrow’s estate sale list looks like a bust but sometimes I’m surprised so maybe there will be some treasures on the horizon. Hope so…if you see me, I’m the girl wearing yoga pants who looks very, very tired but probably not any skinnier (see: brownies).


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